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PT. Quest Geophysical Asia


PT. Quest Geophysical Asia is a Seismic Company which established in 2004 and have many projects in Indonesia. We have a great team which multinational involve.

If you are interested in being a part of the future, and if you are an ambitious person, experienced please send your application for the following position:

Administration Department

  • Procurement Staff
  • Administration Staff
  • Accounting/Tax

Qualification and Experience:

  • Maximum age 30 with min 2 years experiences
  • D3 Secretary or Bachelor Degree in Management/Accounting/Economy
  • Willing to work in outside Jakarta if necessary
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office (Word/Excel) as a minimum
  • Brevet A, B, C for Accounting/Tax
  • English and computer skill is a must.

Operation Department

  • Party Chief
  • Min 4 years experience on Land/or transition Zone 2D/3D, Bachelor Degree, English and computer skill is a must.

Assistant Party Chief

  • Min 2 years experience as a APM on Land/or transition 2D/3D
  • Bachelor Degree, English and computer skill is a must.

Senior HSE

  • Min 4 years experience in seismic and familiar with all Migas regulations and safety procedure and the IAGC and E&P forum recommended safety standards. Has a certificate HSE qualification.
  • Bachelor Degree, English and Computer skill is a must

Senior Observer/Instrument Engineer

  • Min 4 years experience in 2D Seismic in Indonesia, jungle-portable operations, preferably using Sercel systems.
  • Bachelor Degree in Electronics/Engineering is a plus.
  • English and Computer skill is a must

The qualification for IT specialist are as follows:

Some knowledge – no certificate necessary, but must demonstrate skills:

  • * Science (some form of schooling, partial or otherwise)
  • * Linux (any)
  • * AntiVirus software
  • * Apache (or Citadel) Server
  • * UPS (how to rate)
  • * Math
  • * Time
  • * English
  • * MicroSoft Office

The tasks are

  • * Maintaining and administering computer networks
  • * Maintaining Antivirus Security
  • * Maintaining and administering PC and Network Hardware
  • * Assisting users to solve computer application problems

These skills will be tested – certificates/letters/testimonials are merely noted!

Please send your email to: or send by Mail to
Equity Tower 11th floor suite E
SCBD Area, Jl.Jend.Sudirman Kav.52-53
Jakarta 12190

4 Replies to “Administration Staff PT Quest Geophysical Asia”

  1. Nathalia Astuty

    Dear Mdm/ Sir,

    According to your advertising in this site that there is vacancy for employee in your company so I would apply that job.

    Name : Nathalia Astuty
    Date Birth: Tebing Tinggi 16 Dec 1980
    Status : Single
    Education: S-1 Business Administration
    Hp : +62 81284415617
    Experience :
    1. Periode :October 2008 – Sepetember 2010
    Position :F& B Admin Assistant ( Asissted HR Manager before opening)

    2. Periode :Februari 2008 – September 2008
    Position :Purchasing Staff

    3.Periode :August 2006 – January 2008
    Company :Private Built Development Ministry BRR NAD-Nias Indonesia
    Position :Finance Administration Staff

    I hope that I have one grant opportunity to be attended an interview and especially can be joined in your company.

    Best Warm Regard

  2. lilis kusrini

    Nama : Lilis Kusrini
    Tempat/ Tanggal Lahir : Sungai Laru, 07 Juli 1987
    Agama : Islam
    Status : Belum Kawin
    Alamat : Perum Karaba No.23 Desa Wadas Telukjambe Timur Karawang
    Telp/HP : 0838-1506-5541
    Pendidikan : SMK N 2 Lahat Palembang
    Kesehatan : Sehat
    Pengalaman Kerja :
    1. Assisten Dosen Mata Kuliah Komputer.
    2. Tata Usaha Bagian Keuangan Di Instansi Negara

  3. Doan Waahyu Phermana

    Doan Wahyu Phermana

    Bersama Ini saya mengajukan lamaran pekerjaan kepada perusahaan Bapak/Ibu pimpin.
    Oleh karena itu apabila ada kesempatan untuk bergabung menjadi Karyawan.

    Identitas diri sebagai berikut:
    Nama : Doan Wahyu Phermana
    TTL : Malang, 10 Oktober 1984
    Alamat : Jl Sultan Agung 81 Singosari 81 Singosari Malang
    Pnddkn Terakhir : D3 Manajemen Keuangan & Perbankan
    Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang 2007
    Telephone : 081230127137

    Pengalaman Kerja :
    1. Monitoring Reload Pulsa International di Jakarta
    2. Pengawas Pruksi PT KMJ Krian Sidoarjo Unit PT BERLINA Pandaan
    3. Adminitrasi Produksi PR. GAGAK HITAM Bondowoso
    4. Medical Reprensetatif PT PHAROS INDONESIA
    Demikian Surat Lamaran pekerjaan saya buat dengan sebenar-benarnya dan atas perhatiannya terima kasih.

    Hormat saya,

    Doan Wahyu P

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