Chief Technical Specialist UNDP


Duties and Responsibilities

Function / Expected Results

  • Provide technical support to implementing partners on establishment of institutional arrangements and enabling environment that facilitates participatory and integrated implementation of DRR practices in Aceh’s governance and development processes
  • Provide support and coordination of community lead development projects with integrated DRR components funded by Aceh government implemented in selected high disaster risk areas to test and improve community level risk reduction practices
  • Provide technical support to TDMRC to help build its capacity to provide evidence-based DRR products, services, information and knowledge to Aceh’s local government and other DRR proponents in Aceh that support their DRR activities.
  • Provide technical support to DRR public awareness programmes implemented to promote a “Culture of Safety” that results in knowledge among Aceh’s students and citizens on what to do to reduce disaster risk in their day-to-day development related decisions
  • Provide technical support, quality assurance, deepening/expansion and/or review and identification of needed remedial actions for effective DRR-A project implementation including support for gender mainstreaming for all the above key result areas
  • Analyse and review the implementation of DRR A project and provide advice to National Project Director and the Project Board to ensure its relevance with the changing circumstances;
  • Identify and advise measures to the NPM and her/his team to operationalize the prescribed outputs and targets of the project;
  • Support the NPM in preparing substantive periodical progress reports of the project implementation;
  • Provide technical advice and support to the UNDP project assurance team and the PMU;
  • Provide technical advice to implementing partners as necessary to ensure enhancement of quality and delivery of the projects;
  • Mainstream risk reduction initiatives into relevant initiatives, particularly other UNDP supported projects in the region;
  • Promote coordination among implementing partners through information sharing, meetings and workshops towards maximizing delivery and synergy;
  • Identify and support cross-fertilization initiatives between national DRR Project (SC- DRR) and the DRR A Project;
  • Serve as a resource person for disaster risk reduction in the region;
  • Write periodic analytical reports on the disaster risk reduction issues and measures in Aceh highlighting among other things the prevailing situation and challenges as well as opportunities for UNDP supports and advice to the Government and other DRR proponent in the region; and
  • Perform other relevant duties as required by the supervisor.

Impact of Results

  • Successful implementation, substantive achievement and the overall efficiency and effectiveness of DRR-A project management. Quality and timely technical advices provision to project management in line with the objectives of the project and UNDP and Government of Indonesia rules, regulation and procedures to ensure the achievement of UNDP Country Programme outcomes and to produce positive project result and image of UNDP Aceh Nias in particular and UNDP Indonesia in general.

Required Skills and Experience

Master’s degree in public administration, international development, Disaster Management or other relevant field.


  • At least 7 (seven) years professional experience in development programming, particularly on disaster risk reduction
  • Experience working in close collaboration with both Governmental and non-governmental sectors;
  • Demonstrated ability related to management of project cycles, including project formulation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation complying with UNDP and GOI standards and procedures;
  • Strong ability to draft, edit and produce quality written results-focused reports in English;
  • Proven capabilities with computers to keep records and produce reports;
  • A full understanding of and commitment to gender issues;
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and liaison skills;
  • Ability to negotiate and troubleshoot relationships with national and international stakeholders;
  • Must be a proactive team player committing to enhancing and bringing additional value to the work of the team as a whole;
  • Ability to work under-pressure and handle multi-tasking situations; and
  • Knowledge of Indonesia and the Aceh province will be an advantage;
  • Willingness and ability to travel to remote field sites;

Language Requirements:
Fluency in both written and oral English. Working knowledge in Bahasa Indonesia and Acehnese language is desirable.

Location: Banda Aceh, INDONESIA

Application Deadline: 12-Jan-10

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  1. hayatullah komeini,ST

    Saya ingin ingin melamar pekerjaan di perusahaan yang bapak pimpin karena saat ini saya sangat membutuhkan pekarjaan pada bidang teknik mesin.untuk wilayah Riau dan sekitarnya.Saya sangat berharap Komfirmasi dari bapak.

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