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PT Agincourt Resources


Community Relations Superintendent
Martabe – Sumatera Utara

PT Agincourt Resources (PTAR), a subsidiary of Australian based OZ Minerals Limited, is developing the Martabe Project in North Sumatra, approximately 40 km south-east of Sibolga. Gold and silver ore will be mined by open pit methods using a mining contractor. A processing facility will be built adjacent to the pit to process ore at a rate of 4.5 Mtpa to produce approximately 200,000 oz of gold and 2 million oz of silver annually.

PTAR now is pleased to invite applications for file following role:

Community Relations Superintendent (CR502)

This position reports directly to the Community Relations
Manager, and accountable to establish, maintain and enhance harmonious relationship between the Company and local communities surround its operation areas and to Support government relations Junction of the Company in obtaining social and legal license to operate, and at the same time to develop and empower local community groups to enable them to sustain live hood beyond the mining operation.

Candidates for this role would be expected to have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Bachelor degree and favorably a Master degree in relevant social science with 5 years or more working experience on Corporate Social Responsibility & stakeholders relationship within mining multinational company.
  • Capable in facilitating community development management process, i.e. planning, organizing, supervising, monitoring and evaluating programs.
  • Good communication skills, including competence in speaking, reading and writing English
  • Excellent knowledge on Governmental Organizations of different categories, type and sizes
  • Experienced in facilitating social development assessment and planning
  • Experienced in social project/program designing and presentation
  • Reasonable level of problem solving, able to motivate and lead the team
  • Computer operation skills with minimum of Microsoft Words, Excel and PowerPoint.

Applications, including full details of applicant’s qualifications, experiences and work history, should be sent not later than 05 July 2009 to:

HR & Admin Department – PT Agincourt Resources
Jl. Merdeka Barat Km 2,5 Desa Aek Pining, Kecamatan Batangtoru – Tapanuli Selatan Sumatera Utara – 22738

Only shordisted candidates will he notified for further Imocesses.

5 Replies to “Community Relations Superintendent OZ Minerals”

  1. Sumardi

    If there is a need power company electrical engineer I am ready
    and I was able to Overcoming problems electric and electronic

  2. taufik hidayat


     Name : Taufik Hidayat
     Place/Date of Birth : Balikpapan May 7th 1977
     Address : Jln. Ir P H M Noor Gg. Bina Karya RT 40 No.19
    Simpang Jagung , Pelambuan , Banjarmasin
     Gender : Male
     Phone : 0811 5200 701
     Email :

     University : Institute of Science & Technology “ AKPRIND” Jogjakarta
     Faculty : Industrial Technology
     Department : Electrical Engineering
     GPA : 2.96

     Ability to work systematically refer to Standard Operation Procedure
     Familiar with Machines & Component of Marine and Heavy Equipment
     Easily to adapt to any kind of work environment
     Ability to maintain electrical power system in dealing with installation & distribution system
     Able to operate the latest computer application program, familiar with internet , able to communicate in English ( oral & written )

     Caterpillar Contamination Control Training, in house PT Trakindo Utama CRC Samarinda ( November 2004 )
     Caterpillar Basic Mechanic Training , PT Trakindo Utama Training Center , Cileungsie , Bogor ( February – March 2004 )
     Safety Training , in house PT Trakindo Utama CRC Samarinda ( January 2004 )
     Marketing Officer Training , in house PT Bunas Finance Indonesia , Balikpapan Branch ( September 2003 )
     Computer Office Application , INFIKOM JOGJA ( May 2002 )
     Seminar Nasional Kelistrikan & energi 2K+1 , IST AKPRIND JOGJA ( May 26th 2001 )

     June 2009 – present , as the representative PT BORNEO OZBEY MINING Muara Teweh , Central Kalimantan
    scope of work : handling finance , operational support to site demand , external relationship , admin control site report to head office , purchaser

     August 2008 – June 2009 , fill position Local Superintendent at PT PENKONINDO (Subsidiary company of VAN OORD , Marine and Dredging Contractor ) Barito Access Channel Deepening Project , Banjarmasin
    Scope of work : purchasing to provide and supply requisition from the ship and vessel at site ( TSHD HAM312 ; CSD HAM219 ; WID HAM922 ; HAM814 ) including spare part and outside job to workshop
    Provide and supply fresh water , foods and fuel to ship and vessel at taboneo site
    Arrange land transport and sea truck for operational support
    Handle operation for uploading and offloading cargo at Trisakti port and coordinate with port administrator and Pelindo III Bjm
    Scheduling and arrange transport for pilot (Kepanduan trisakti port) to navigate at TSHD HAM312 and CSD HAM219 at taboneo site
    To coordinate and supervise local crew at the ship and vessel
    As the mediator and communicator for local crew while tool box meeting , safety meeting and induction

     December 2007 – recent , fill position as the Head Unit of Production / Surveyor PT Cipaganti Citra Graha Heavy Equipment Division , Palangkaraya Site
    Scope of Work : survey location and collecting data about the new customer for a new agreement , organize all of the heavy equipment operator and units, supervise all of units time usage , supervise workshop and technician daily activity , periodically check unit at site , supervise mobilization / demobilization unit , prepare report to manager.

     2006 , fill position as the Head Purchasing / Logistic and Ware house PT Cipaganti Citra Graha Heavy Equipment Division , Palangkaraya Site
    Scope of Work : periodically visiting units at customer site to provide preventive maintenance of unit and recheck part and component of unit for replacement that necessary ,handling such of paper work of administration , monitoring stocks for reviewability parts & consumables supply demand , maintain special tools , ensure for reusability parts & component , prepare daily and monthly report to Manager
     2005 , fill position as the Staff Purchasing at PT Cipaganti Citra Graha Heavy Equipment Division Banjarmasin
    Scope of work : purchase all of the spare parts & consumable supply from workshop demand other branch / site , handling purchase order to supplier , handling part & component which need to repair to outside workshop , maintain data & document for outside repair component include historical of machines & component , negotiate to supplier quotation , prepare daily & monthly report to manager

     2005 , fill position as the Staff Admin Maintenance Workshop at PT Cipaganti Citra Graha Banjarmasin
    Scope of work : maintain data for historical machine & component , input daily activity for technician into electronic files , input & maintain data for outside / field job technician , update work in progress of technician report , handling such of paper work administration operational workshop

     2004 , fill position as the Service Analyst at Hydraulic Section PT Trakindo Utama , Component Rebuild Center / CRC Samarinda
    Scope of work :
    complete the Service Analyst Project Assignment , finished Checklist for all of the hydraulic Cylinder of Caterpillar Bulldozer such as D7G , D8R , D8N , D9R , D10N , D10R , D11 , D11R ; CAT Motorgrader 12G , 12H , 14G , 14H , 16G , 16H , 120G , 120H ; CAT Excavator 320B , 320C , 330B , 330L , 375 , 385 ; CAT Shovel 5110B ; CAT Loader 926E , 966F ; CAT Off High Way Truck 773 , 773D , 773E , 777D , 777E , 785 ; CAT Articulated Truck 735 ; 740
    Maintain and arrange the workstation books of each model above at the workshop include the checklist of specification ( book contents : Disassemble-assemble component ; specification & measurement ; Service Report & Failure Analysis Report ; Master Part List )
    Ensure the measurement specification of component due to recondition / rebuilding machines & component refer to guidance ( manual book / part book , CAT Services magazines , Guidance for Reusability Parts & Component , CAT services website etc )
    Revise technician service report to provide failure analysis report to claim units or components for warranty to main dealer
    Assist foreman to supervise quality work of technicians , monitoring section for contamination control , handling such of paper work in dealing with to supporting data for customer quotation approval
    Maintain product Support Program & Product Improvement Program from main dealer and apply to related Work Order

     2003 , fill position as the Marketing Officer at PT Bunas Finance Indonesia / PT BFI Balikpapan

     2000-2002 , freelance contributor for Surf Time Magazine , Kuta Bali & Local Representative for Kalimantan region

     All kind of odd jobs
     Reading
     Music
     Extreme sport & Traveling

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