Driller MB Century

MB Century

MB Century is a market leader and foremost provider of oil, gas and geothermal drilling services, with one of the most comprehensive and “best in market” fleets of land drilling rigs in the Asia – Pacific. As a division of MB Group (MBPetroleum Services) headquartered in Oman, we strives to deliver “lowest total well cost: safer, smarter – together with our clients” in mutually respectful commercial frameworks.

To support our operation across Asia – Pacific, MB Century is seeking for experienced and qualified personnel as follow :

  1. Rig Manager (RM–PTM)
  2. Toolpusher (TP-PTM)
  3. Driller (DR-PTM)
  4. Chief Mechanic (CM-PTM)
  5. Chief Electrician (CE-PTM)
  6. HSE Officer (HSE-PTM)
  7. Field Logistic Coordinator (FL-PTM)
  8. Senior Auditor (SA-PTM)
  9. Accountant (AC-PTM)

Technical Requirements:

  • Must have at least + 12 years of working experience in a Multi National Drilling Company with minimum + 4 years in the similar position. (Position No. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
  • Experienced with Top Drive System rigs. (Position No. 1, 2, 3 & 4)
  • Holding a valid Well control ticket supervisor level (IADC/IWCF) and AP3 Migas certificate for Indonesia Assignment. (Position No. 1, 2 & 3)
  • Experienced with CAT Engines, Hydraulic system & familiar with Preventative Maintenance System. (Position No. 4 & 5)
  • Experienced with SCR system, Cooling system, AC & DC Motors and control circuits. (Position No. 5)
  • Having a good understanding and familiar of HAZOP analysis, JSA, LOTO, and safety reports on a drilling rig. (Position No. 6)
  • Must have at least + 7 Years of working experience in Oil & Gas company / Service company with minimum + 3 Years in the similar position. (Position No. 6 & 7)
  • Must have at least + 7 Years of working experience in Oil & Gas company / Service company with minimum + 3 Years working for Public Accountant Firm (KAP). (Position No. 8 & 9)
  • Experienced with Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) practices within industry. (Position No. 9)
  • General Requirements for all positions:
  • Able to demonstrate a reliable safety leadership and behavior, and proven track record to dealing with a multicultural working environment.
  • Willing to travel overseas and working on rotational basis (28/28).
  • Must be goal-oriented and having a high level of Problem Solving skill.
  • Must be able to communicate in English both written and oral.

Candidates should send their latest C.V to recruitmentindo@mbcentury.com / recruitmentindo[at]mbcentury.com within August 19th 2010, complete with full work experience details (Specify Oil, Gas or Geothermal experience), training completed, minimum three references contact from Previous Employer and personal details. Only succesful applicants will be invited for further interview.

The Package – successful applicants will receive a competitive remuneration package among the industry.

3 Replies to “Driller MB Century”

  1. Ridwan Tamba

    Jakarta, 6 August , 2011

    To :
    HR Personalia
    MB Century

    I am interested in securing a position within your prominent company. Having an Associate Degree in Veterinarian Surgeon program from Bogor Institute of Agriculture in June 2002, makes me viewed strangely in my latest field of work. But the truth is that systematic academic veterinary analysis and diagnostic flow acts as additional resources to me in carrying out my task in mining machinery industry, where I am involved in as this letter is written.
    The systematic academic curriculum provides a strengthening foundation for me as other major would in making decisions and problem solving in the real world. The benefit that I gratefully appreciate is that now I am enriched with mining industrial informal training, on job training, field exposure to real life break downs and trouble shooting, not to mention the dynamics of working with different individuals, team leaders, and project schemes. I am confident that my abilities and qualifications can be fully applied to our mutual benefits.
    I believe the work that you offer will give me an opportunity to acquire more dynamics to my personality, and therefore more contribution for me to implement with all my knowledge and skills I have obtained from my experiences in past. I have had the opportunity of joining PT. Trakindo (Caterpillar in Indonesia) at P.T. Freeport Indonesia Inc. mine site November 2005. It truly provides me with a challenging environment where problem solving and decision-making are dealt on the ground frequently.
    Within my five years working experience with PT. Trakindo, I have been privileged to get myself exposed and involved in Mechanical field with enough exposure to Electrical/ Instrumentation Maintenance in the Mine’s core and most critical working horse machines such as the Caterpillar 777, 785, Komatsu 930 E Haul Truck, Caterpillar Excavator all series, and all the supporting tools provided by the company or which came with the machines. On the same token, I’ve also acquired valuable varieties of knowledge such as organization skills & managerial, safety and health, effective long term planning (predictive), communications with clients/ vendors, and budgeting. Supervisory, on a special note is something that I truly appreciate as working SAFELY proof to be priceless, following my experiences in the field where achieving success with no safety infractions make me feel really good.
    I have learnt, grown, and gained valuable experiences within the company, but still, there are areas which yet to be discovered. My curiosity for what’s prepared out there in the real world just not strong enough to hold my courage to face other challenges. The wonderful world of supervising, administration, and management are also of my best interest. As I’ve picked up countless number of exposures and know-hows along my journey. This is why I am writing you this cover letter as I hope there is another stepping stone for me in your company.
    I am more than willing to discuss with you how I might render my best service to your company in fulfilling its present business needs.

    Look forward to hear from you, thank you.

    Best regards,

    Ridwan Tamba

    Curriculum vitae

    DATE OF BIRTH : 08 August 1976
    MARITAL STATUS : Married
    NATIONALITY : Indonesia
    ADDRESS : Jln. Lebak Para II no 9 rt/03 rw/08 Cijantung
    : Jakarta Timur-DKI Jakarta
    : Cibubur Country Cluster Lily Garden LS-OV No 6.
    LANGUAGES Spoken : Indonesian / English
    Written / read : Indonesian / English
    CONTACTS Phone : +62 082149585844
    Mobile : +62 082188866799
    Email address : ridwan_tamba@yahoo.com

    Strong leadership, fast learner, analytical thinker, good command and spoken in both English and Indonesian language, strong interpersonal and communication skill, easy to adapt, strong behavior and personality, creative and highly motivated, loves challenges, and able to work under pressure.

    Graduated from Bogor Institut of Agriculture of BOGOR in October 2002 with Majoring in Veterinarian Surgeon Program

    Desember 2005 – January 2007 Mechanic, PT. Trakindo Utama – Tembagapura.
    Job Description/Responsibilities :
     Perform Testing & Adjusting For Engine System (3500 series), Hydraulic System, Power Train System, Brake System, Electrical System and Using Caterpillar Electronic Technician Software.Repair And Maintenance
     Caterpillar Machines (777D, 785C,16H & 24H Motor Graders; D10N-R, D11N-R-T Dozer; 320C, 330D, 375C, 385C Excavators; 966F Wheel Loader).
     Remove & Install Components, including: Engine, Power Train, Final Drive and Undercarriage to Machine.
     Make Service Reports for Job and other supporting documents

    January 2007 – April 2010
    Technician, PT. Trakindo Utama – Tembagapura.
    Job Description/Responsibilities :
     Repair And Maintenance of Caterpillar Off Highway Truck Machines 793C and 797B.
     Remove & Install Component, including: Engine, Power Train, Final Drive and Undercarriage to Machine with Using Various Hand Tools, Power Tools and Special tools.
     Disassembly & Assembly Medium and Small Component.
     Repair Oil Leaking from Critical Components & Replace Seal and Gasket
     Make Service Reports for Job
    May 2010 – Present
    Trainer, PT. Cipta Kridatama ( TMT Group ) Tiara Marga Trakindo Group
    Job Description/Responsibilities :
     To manage and development skill all mechanic include perform troubleshooting all unit Caterpillar
     Make all report competency and database mechanic development

    Perform All Technical Core Skills
    Perform Machine Preventive Maintenance for predetermined service hours
    Perform Repair and Maintenance Machine
    Remove/Install and Assembly/Disassembly Machine and Component
    Perform Inspecting and Servicing Failure Component
    Perform Selecting and Using Caterpillar Service Literature, SIS & CAT Software
    Perform Selecting and Using Caterpillar Part Identification system to Locate Correct Part Using Part Book
    Performance Testing & Adjusting Engine, Power Train, Hydraulic and Electrical System
    Identification and Repair Problem with Using CAT Electronic Technician Software
    System operation of Caterpillar Product (engine & machine) system and application
    Make Service Report for All Job

    CATERPILLAR PC and Software – Training Centre PT. Trakindo Utama, Tembagapura, Papua – Indonesia
    Service Training, 2010
    • Training Safety
    • Training Hand and Safe Tools
    • Training Lotto and Annual Refresher
    • Training HAM
    • AD 55B Introduction

    Service Training, 2007.
    Service training which covered:
    • Caterpillar Engine System ( 3500 CATERPILLAR series)
    • Caterpillar Braking System
    • Caterpillar Steering & Power Train System

    CATERPILLAR Fundamental Hydraulic System – Training Centre PT. Trakindo Utama, Tembagapura, Papua – Indonesia
    Service Training, 2007.
    Service training which covered:
    • Caterpillar Brakes Systems
    • Caterpillar Steering & Power Train Systems

    CATERPILLAR Fundamental Electric & Electronic System – Training Centre PT. Trakindo Utama, Tembagapura, Papua – Indonesia
    Service Training, 2007.
    Service training which covered:
    • Power System
    • Electronic Engine Systems ( 3500 CATERPILLAR series)
    • Electronic Power Train System (ECM Transmission)
    • Electronic Air & Hydraulic System
    CATERPILLAR Fundamental Power Train System – Training Centre PT. Trakindo Utama, Tembagapura, Papua – Indonesia
    Service Training, 2006.
    Service training for covering :
    • Various Torque Converter System and Application
    • ICM & ECPC Transmission System and Application
    • Various Differential & Final Drive System and Application

    CATERPILLAR Fundamental Engine System – Training Centre PT. Trakindo Utama, Tembagapura, Papua – Indonesia
    Service Training, 2006.
    Service training for covering :
    • Various Engine System and Application
    • Starting and Charging System
    • Air Intake and Exhaust System
    • Lubrication and Cooling System
    • Fuel System
    Technical Core Skills (Basic Mechanic) – Training Centre PT. Trakindo Utama, Kuala Kencana, Papua – Indonesia
    Service Training, 2006.
    • Introducing Basic Understanding about Work Safely, Healty and Enviromentaly
    • Introducing Basic Understanding about Caterpillar Product and Sytem.


    Training Center , PT. Trakindo Utama
    Tembagapura, Papua – Indonesia
    Phone : +62-0901-432268

    Irsan Tamba
    PT.Trakindo Utama
    Tanjung Adaro, South Kalimantan
    Kalimantan Mining Division
    Mobile. +62 8114904936
    Tel. +62 5262021520
    email: irsan.tamba@trakindo.co.id

  2. Doan Waahyu Phermana

    Doan Wahyu Phermana

    Bersama Ini saya mengajukan lamaran pekerjaan kepada perusahaan Bapak/Ibu pimpin.
    Oleh karena itu apabila ada kesempatan untuk bergabung menjadi Karyawan.

    Identitas diri sebagai berikut:
    Nama : Doan Wahyu Phermana
    TTL : Malang, 10 Oktober 1984
    Alamat : Jl Sultan Agung 81 Singosari 81 Singosari Malang
    Pnddkn Terakhir : D3 Manajemen Keuangan & Perbankan
    Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang 2007
    Telephone : 081230127137

    Pengalaman Kerja :
    1. Monitoring Reload Pulsa International di Jakarta
    2. Pengawas Pruksi PT KMJ Krian Sidoarjo Unit PT BERLINA Pandaan
    3. Adminitrasi Produksi PR. GAGAK HITAM Bondowoso
    4. Medical Reprensetatif PT PHAROS INDONESIA
    Demikian Surat Lamaran pekerjaan saya buat dengan sebenar-benarnya dan atas perhatiannya terima kasih.

    Hormat saya,

    Doan Wahyu P

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