Engineers PT Batutua Tembaga Raya

PT Batutua Tembaga Raya is the operator of the Wetar Copper project in Maluku. The company is commissioning a step copper cathode demonstration plant, the first of its kind in Indonesia, and pending the outcome of a successful Feasibility Study, plans to expand production in 2009.

Several positions are required to complement the existing team:

1. Mining Engineer
Key skills/qualifications: Open pit mining, Kepala Teknik Tambang, Surpac

2. Training Officer/Trainers x3
Key skills/qualifications: Mechanical, electrical, vehicles/heavy equipment, maintenance

3. Communications Officer
Key skills/qualifications: General mining and regulatory knowledge, Maluku experience

4. Camp Manager
Key skills/qualifications: Logistics, catering, stores; remote camp for up to 200 people

5. Mechanics/Maintenance Supervisors x3
Key skills/qualifications: Light vehicles, generators, and pumps.

6. Crushing/Stacking Supervisor
Key skills/qualifications: Proven production background

Only short listed candidates will be contacted, please send a covering letter and your CV, to:

Not later than 19 November 2008.

Once we get a response from you, we will start to process your application immediately.

3 Replies to “Engineers PT Batutua Tembaga Raya”

  1. Kimdevits Marcus

    bagaimana perusahaan bpk ibu…seperti pemeritaan koran ambon ekspres tanggal 2 oktober 2010 ? bukankah seharusnya antara perusahaan dan pemerintah daerah/Negara harus sama2 di untungkan? selaku elemen masyrakt MBD kami sangat kecewa dgn fakta ini.

  2. Adrian Fransiscus

    PT. BATUTUA TEMBAGA RAYA, Alamatnya dimana? kalo butuh lulusan S1 civil Engineering tahun 2006 IPK 3.24

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