FM Consultant (STC) Bank Dunia

Job Title: FM Consultant (STC)
Reporting to: Sr. Financial Management Specialist
Dept/Div: FM Group, OSU
Appt Type: STC
Closing date: December 19, 2009
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Appointment: Local Hire

Financial Management Consultant (STC)
Terms of Reference
for Short-Term Consultant Appointment

The Financial Management (FM) work plan for this year requires FM supervision of all projects, with more frequent supervision for High risk projects. FMS staff will also have additional ongoing work on assessments of new project proposals.

The workload for Financial Management is likely to be intense particularly during the next 6 months, as some ongoing projects are due to close this year, for which FM supervision work should ideally be completed before the closure dates, and appropriate FM ratings determined.

Also, several TF projects are now coming into implementation phase now and this will need close supervision. There are 77 active projects which 49 are Trust Fund projects.
Due to these factors, regular workload is clearly going to peak in the FM unit over the next 6 – 9 months. It is therefore proposed to hire a short term consultant to tide over this peaking in FM workload, for a total period of 150 days.

Objective of the Assignment
To assist the Financial Management Team at OSU in undertaking Financial Management supervision in the active project and assessment to a new project in the Bank’s portfolio

Role & Scope of Work
The consultant will work under the direct day-to-day supervision of a Financial Management Specialist of the Bank. The work involved in financial management supervision and assessment of a new project will include the following:

  1. Prepare a Supervision Plan for the assigned operation, taking into consideration inputs from the project appraisal document, audit reports, project progress reports, discussions with task managers and earlier supervision missions.
  2. Select sampling method for the financial review, taking into account the supervision plan dawn up. For the selected sample of transactions undertake transaction review and implementation checks, especially with respect to contract terms and eligibility criteria under loan agreements, and verify payment transfers from Treasury (KPPN) records for disbursements to the intended beneficiaries.
  3. Evaluate adequacy of accounting organization at Project Management Units and Project Implementation Units.
  4. Assess the continuing adequacy of operating accounting systems and related financial controls at projects, to confirm if the accounting information generated by them is reliable and if financial controls have operated satisfactorily.
  5. Review quarterly FMR/IFRs and file all comments in IRIS
  6. Analyze matters reported in Audit Reports and observations made during supervision into a framework that facilitates the development of a fiduciary risk assessment model.
  7. Assess continuing adequacy of internal controls over all aspects of project implementation.
  8. Assist in the generation of FM Ratings for the Projects reviewed and to update the project information in PRIMA.
  9. Conduct FM assessment for new projects which includes assessment of budgeting, accounting, reporting, flow of fund and auditing arrangement of the proposed recipient entity.
  10. Prepare risk assessment table and analyze the risk and propose the risk mitigation
  11. Prepare FM assessment report and file all report in IRIS and PRIMA
  12. Other steps that may be considered necessary to meet the work objectives.

Qualifications and skills.
The short term consultant will be required for a period of maximum 100 days, with the following skills and qualifications:

  1. Bachelor in accountancy
  2. Completed tertiary /professional Accountancy education.
  3. Preferably Certified CPA (Bersertifikat Akuntan Publik)
  4. Five years working experience in financial accounting or internal auditing in a large organization / firm. A combination of audit experience and operating accounting experience would be ideal.
  5. A good understanding of financial controls.
  6. Familiarity with government accounting systems will be desirable.
  7. Sharp eye for details, a head for numbers.
  8. Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English.

Reports and Outputs
Financial management supervision and assessment reports, FM rating datasheets for each project reviewed, Updated PRIMA and IRIS files.


  • This is a local hired position, open for Indonesian nationals only.
  • Please only submit your cover letter, CV, and references (at least three names with full contact details) to:

Do not forget to state your name and position applied in the e-mail subject.
Deadline of application is 19 December 2009. Late submission will not be considered; hard copy applications and phone inquiries will not be accepted.

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