Job Vacancies in the Oil Industry

Looking for a Job Offshore? New Starts or experienced!
Don’t know where to start?
Struggling to find employment departments and solid contacts?
Do you know which companies are hiring right now?
Do you know which companies take on new starts?
Fed up with tired old job sites where your Resume is rarely seen?

Professional Services – Get the competitive edge.

Getting a job in the offshore oil industry is not like getting a job in any other industry. Full membership professional services are designed for this industry and they really work.

Get your job search off to the fastest possible start.

Here’s what you get:

  • We send your Resume direct to the E-mail inbox of over 1200 companies, agencies, contractors, employers, recruiters and a whole lot more.
  • Saving you time. Ten minutes from now your Resume will arrive at over 1200 industry recruitment addresses.
  • Due to constant staff turnover and regular new contracts there are always vacancies.
  • Saving you money at less than 7 cents per contact.
  • Lifetime membership – once only payment – 100% guaranteed.
  • At no extra charge we then continue to send you further Job Application Updates.
  • You can go on using your account with us for your entire career.
  • Make back the money you invest in us in your first few hours of work.

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