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WE CHANGE THE WORLD by making people more independent of time, space, and limitations. We ask questions. Through our innovative semiconductor and system solutions we address three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, communications and security. About 25,000 Infineon team members worldwide cooperate to turn ideas into answers of the future.

Now in Infineon Technologies Batam, based in Batam Indonesia , we are urgently looking for dynamic individuals – with Engineering background, have strong leadership, good interpersonal skill, able to work under pressure, computer literate and fluent in English (written & oral)- to fill in the following positions.

1. QA Manager (code: QAM-07)

Reporting to the President Director, responsible for the Quality Operations on the production floor, ensuring all Quality processes are in compliance with Quality System requirements and Good Manufacturing Practices. Working closely with the Development, Production, Manufacturing/Process/Equipment Engineering to ensure overall quality system and continuous improvements are in place.

The Job:

  • Lead review of quality program and to recommend action plans to management
  • Conduct audits and coordinate activities for certification of quality system by recognized independent bodies;
  • Formulate quality plans to meet customer and Business Units requirements;
  • Leading QA team >150 personnel
  • Support quality establishment in new product development/ program management efforts

2. Plant & Facility Manager (code: PFM-07)
Reporting to the President Director, managing group of Engineers and Technicians in daily activities

The Job:

  • Overseeing and managing Plant infrastructure operation and maintenance, High/Low tension, Compressed Dry Air, Building Air Condition, Chilled water, DI water, Waste Water, Class 10k clean room
  • Overseeing and managing building estate maintenance activities
  • Operating and maintaining Fire Prevention activities in accordance to NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency)
  • Managing and Planning Plant Facilities Operation and Maintenance Cost Implementation of infrastructure project for expansion in most cost effective and meeting semiconductor operation standard
  • Implementation of Cost saving project focusing on Energy, Water and Gas consumption

3. Project Leader (code: PL-07)

The Job:

  • Drive and lead Projects to achieve Company Goals
  • Drive aggressively Cost Saving Project to meet Cost Saving Target
  • Plan two years ahead for Cost Saving Projects
  • Drive Productivity Improvement Project

4. Process Engineers for FOL/EOL (code: PEFOL-07/PEEOL-07)
(Wafer Mount, Die Attach, Wire Bonding, Molding, Trim/Form, Laser Marking)

The Job:

  • Co-ordinate improvement activities
  • Responsible to OEE, Quality, Cost and Yield
  • Contributes ideas to enhance process robustness & consistency
  • Working with maintenance & production group on equipment improvement & ensure full compliance of all procedure.

5. Equipment Engineers for Wire Bonding, Molding and/or Trim/Form (code EEFOL-07 for Wire Bonding and EEEOL-07 for Molding or Trim/Form)

The Job:

  • Ensure equipment running up to expectation
  • Ensure routine maintenance is performed
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Perform equipment improvement on the machine to enhance robustness & maintain consistency
  • Working with process & production group on equipment improvement & ensure full compliance of all procedure.

6. Incoming Quality Engineer (code: IQE-07)

The Job:

  • Perform supplier audit independently, and able to manage suppliers to conform to requirements
  • Initiate strategic improvement, and perform vendor rating and score card
  • Development of quality systems at vendors location
  • Carry out inspections and qualification of parts and components to be delivered by vendors and record and report on the results
  • Investigate any quality deviation and set up preventative and corrective actions Drive improvement projects.

General Requirements:

  • Minimum 5 years experience preferably in Semiconductor Manufacturing with 3 years Management level (1&2)
  • Minimum 3 Years experience preferably in Semiconductor Manufacturing (3,4,5,6)
  • Possess in-depth knowledge in Quality Engineering (SPC, FMEA, and other Quality and Process Excellence Tools), Customer Satisfaction, Project Management, Cost Reduction, and Product Qualification (1)
  • Strong knowledge of Technical Management, Quality System (ISO9001/TS16949) and ISO 14000 (1,2,6)

To Apply
If you are a highly motivated team player and a professional with a passion for excellence. You will discover your niche in our exciting and established organization. Please send your application & CV mentioned your current and expected salary, email address & HP number within August 7th 2010 to:

We regret that only short listed candidates will be notified.

The Human Resources
PT. Infineon Technologies Batam
JIn. Beringin Lot 317
BIP-Muka Kuning Batam, 29433

Incoming Job Search :

56 Replies to “Process Engineers PT Infineon Technologies Batam”

  1. edi suroto

    batam,21 november 2012
    Bapak/Ibu bagian personalia
    di Tempat
    Dengan hormat,
    Yang bertanda tangan di bawah ini,saya :
    nama : edisuroto
    tempat/tgl.lahir : karanganyar, 25januari 1991
    alamat : buana garden
    no.telpn : 087894322934
    Dengan maksud mengajukan lamaran pekerjaan kepada perusahaan Bapak/ Ibu, Besar harapan saya untuk dapat bergabung dengan perusahaan Bapak / Ibu. Sebagai bahan pertimbangan, saya mempunyai pengalaman kerja di PT. japan servo batam selama 1,3 tahun finihs contract,di PT. batam karya prima 1 tahun finihs contract.
    Atas perhatiannya, saya ucapkan terima kasih.

    hormat saya,

    (edi suroto)

  2. Hairul hadi

    Jakarta,22 Maret 2013

    Hal : Lamaran Kerja
    Kepada Yth ,
    Bapak/Ibu Personalia

    Dengan Hormat,

    Dengan Datangnya Surat ini Saya Yang Beranda Tangan Dibawah ini Mengajkuan Lamaran Pekerjaan Mengajukan Lamaran Pekerjaan Di Tempat Bapak /Ibu Pimpin Dengan Keterangan Data Sebagai Berikut :

    Nama :Hairul – Hadi
    Tempat & Tanggal Lahir: Jakarta 09 Juli 85
    Agama : Islam
    Tlp & Hp :02147867750 & 085716268226
    E- Mail
    Alamat :Jalan Jati Sawo Rt.007 Rw.04
    Kel.Jati Kec.Pulogadung Jakarta
    Timur Kode Pos 13220
    1.Daftar Riwayat Hidup
    2.Foto Copy Ijazah Terakhir
    3.Foto Copy Traskip Nilai Terakhir
    4.Foto COpy English Terating Center
    5.Foto Copy Skck
    6.Foto Copy KTP
    7.Foto Copy Sertifikat Uji Kompetensi
    8.Foto Copy Sertifikat Workshop Pt .Iss Indonesia
    9.Foto Copy Surat Keterangan pt. Iss Indonesia

    Demikian Surat Lamaran ini Saya Dapat Di Terima Sebagai Karayawan Peruahanan ini atas perhatikan
    Saya Ucapakan Terima Kasih

    Hormat Saya

    ( Hairul – Hadi )


    1.Tahun Lulus 2000 Mi Al – Hikmah
    2.Tahun Lulus 2003 Smp Al- Washiyah
    3.Tahun Lulus 2006 SMK Jaya Jakarta


    1.PT.Iss indonesia
    2.PT.Sinar Jernih Sarana

    Demikian Daftar Riwayat Hidup Saya Semoga Dapat dI
    jadikan Acuan Referensi Saya agar Dapat di terima dan
    bergabung agar di terima dan bergabung di perusahaan tempah bapak/ibu pimpin sekian dan terima kasih

    Hormat Saya

    ( Hairul – Hadi )


    Hal : Permohonan Kerja Batam, Des 2013
    kepada YTh
    Bapak/Ibu Personalia

    Dengan Hormat,

    Saya yang bertandatangan dibawah ini ;
    Nama : Nardi Hutabalian
    Tempat Lahir : Medan 4 Mei 1988
    Alamat : Perum.Bukit Ayu Lestari Blok A2 No.90
    Tamatan : SMA

    Dengan ini saya mengajukan surat lamaran kerja kepada Bapak/Ibu Personalia, Agar sudikiranya dapat menerima saya bekerja di Perusahaan Bapak/Ibu Personalia. Adapun pertimbangan bagi Bapak/Ibu Personalia antara lain sebagai berikut :
    – Pas Photo 3×4 : 1 Lembar
    – Poto Copy KTP : 1 Lembar
    – Poto copy Kartu Kuning : 1 Lembar
    – Poto Copy Surat Kesehatan : 1 Lembar
    – Poto Copy Kartu Kuning : 1 Lembar
    – Poto Copy Ijasah : 1 Lembar
    – Daftar Riwayat Hidup : 1 Lembar

    Demikianlah surat permohonan ini saya perbuat, dengan kerendahan hati, Saya dapat dipekerjakan di Perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu Personalia Pimpin. Sebelum dan sesudahnya saya ucapkan terima Kasih.

    Hormat Saya,

    (Nardi Hutabalian)

  4. Tahi hamonangan pardede

    hal: lamaran kerja
    batam, 21 november 2015

    kpd yth:
    Bapak/ibu pimpinan

    saya yang bermohon,
    Nama :Tahi hamonangan pardede
    Tmp/tgl lahir :Medan,08Desember1987
    Alamat skrng:Buana impian 2 blok wis b no:11
    Tamatan : smk tenik mesin produksi
    No hp :0853 5887 5021

    Dengan ini mengajukan lamaran kerja di perusahaan yang Bapak/ibu pimpin.
    sebagai bahan pertimbangan untuk Bapak/ibu saya lampikan sbgi syrat sebagai berikut.

    pas foto 3×4 : 1lembar
    foto copy ktp :1lmbar
    foto copy npwp :1lembar
    foto copy kartu kuning :1lembar
    foto copy ijazah terakhir :1lembar
    foto copy sertifikat bblkim :1lembar
    foto copy surat pengalaman krj:2lembar
    foto copy skck :1lembar
    daftar riwayat hidup :1lembar

    pengalaman kerja, saya pernah bekerja di pt.sanyo energy batam 3tahun sebagai operator produksi dan di pabrik kelapa sawit sebagai operator boiler/ketel uap 3tahun.
    Demikian surat permohonan ini saya perbuat, dengan kerendahan hati kiranya Bapak/ibu pimpinan mau menerima saya untuk sebagi pekerja di perusahaan yang Bapak/ibu pimpin.
    sebelum nya saya ucapkan terimakasih.

    hormat saya

    (Tahi hamonangan pardede)

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