Production Operator position ConocoPhillips


Production Operator position

This Production Operator position will have the primary responsibility for starting up, shutting down and monitoring process facilities, taking of and analyzing readings of process and equipment, regular monitoring of ongoing maintenance activities on process plant and equipment, perform detailed troubleshooting, monitoring consumable material and chemical stocks.

Required & Preferred Skills/Competencies:

  • Minimum 5 years operating in the Petro Chemical, oil and gas related industry.
  • Holding diploma degree in engineering or equivalent.
  • Strong Safety and Environment awareness.
  • Personal motivation and self learning ability.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Comprehensive in understanding diverse field operations activities.
  • Ability in problem solving and decision making in process upsets.

Only those individuals who fully meet the above requirements need apply.

Write down THE POSITION TITLE you apply in the subject of your email not later than November 19th 2010 to:

4 Replies to “Production Operator position ConocoPhillips”

  1. Dewi samari siahaan

    Kepada Yth:

    Dengan Hormat,

    Lahir tgl: 02-oktober-1989

    Pengalaman kerja di :
    thn 2007-2009 bekerja sebagai operator di PT GIKEN,Batu ampar
    thn 2009-2010 bekerja sebagai operator di PT PANASONIC ELECTRONIC DEVICES Batam center

    Dengan ini saya mengajukan permohonan kerja di
    perusahaan yang BAPAK / IBU Personalia pimpin

    Demikian surat permohonan ini saya perbuat,saya berharap Bapak /Ibu dapat bekerja di perusahaan


  2. siska

    siska nurfauziah
    garut 12april1990
    thn 2008 bekerja sebagai operator di PT.Tirta Raya
    thn 2009 bekerja sebagai admin di Apotik Duta Agung Bekasi
    thn 2010 bekerja sebagai acounting di arsi labora utama
    thn 2010 prelance di prudential


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