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Applications are invited for the post of Translator in the pay scale of US$ 490-15-865. Candidate should hold graduate degree from University, with English as a subject, and have at least 2 years experience as Translator/Interpreter in a reputed organization. Details like name, date of birth, educational background, knowledge of computer and passport size colour photograph may be sent to

Mr. S.R.H. Fahmi, Attache (Administration),
Embassy of India, JI. HR Rasuna Said Kay. S-1,
Last date for receipt of application is July 10, 2009

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    Education : Faculty of Letters, Majoring in English Language and Literature from Airlangga University Surabaya
    Experience: almost fifteen-year experience in translation, able to translate nearly all of official documents and sciences (medicine, law, economy, social sciences, engineering, etc)
    Phone : 081330500021
    Availability: at any time (24 hours)

  2. Samsul Munir

    At the last semester In STIBA – IEC Majored in English Literature, Have some Experiences with foreigners,freelance English teachers.

  3. Alex

    Full Name: Alex
    DOB: 18 June 1979
    Formal Education: Foreign languages university in South Sumatra, Major in English.

    Availability: at any time convenience to you

    Phone: 085762453762

  4. Wayan Adi Putra SesaNA


    Education : First degree English Departement (S1)
    Second Degree (Translation Studies) (S2)
    Phone : 081237591299

    I have strong will to join and learn and I’m available to be interviewed anytime

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