8 Positions PT. Supraco Indonesia Maret 2009

A Jakarta based company with more than 29 years of experience in providing services to oil and gas industry in Indonesia.

We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position of:

  1. Cost Engineer
  2. SHE&S Safety Coordinator
  3. AMDAL Monitoring
  4. Mill Procurement Coordinator
  5. Pipe Mill Inspector
  6. Steel Mill Inspector
  7. Inspection Lead Spread
  8. Spread Superintendent

Required Knowledge, Qualifications, Skills, And Experiences:

  • Min. 15 Years of broad experience in the areas of cost estiming, scheduling, project control and have at least 5 years specific involvement in projects for major process facilities (1)
  • Min. 10 years Experience in implementing SHE/Security Management systems and project health & safety (2)
  • Working knowledge of the AMDAL process as it relates to environmental studies, planning, program creation and implementation, environmental monitoring, and performance reporting (3)
  • Experience related to establishing an Environmental and Socioeconomic Management and Documentation System (3)
  • 10 Years of Procurement experience (4)
  • Intermediate to expert Contracting, Purchasing, Materials Management and Logistics Skill (4)
  • Knowledge of Project Management, Engineering, and construction functions (4)
  • BA/BS Preferred (4)
  • Working Knowledge of: (5, 6 & 7)
  • a. Piping and pressure vessel codes and quality standards (E.g. AWS D1.1, CSA B51, ASME Section III, ASME B31.3, and ISO 9001)
  • b. Piping fabrication methods
  • c. Welding processes and NDE techniques including evaluation methods
  • d. Piping, Isometrics and shop Drawings
  • BS/MS in Engineering (8)

All applicants must:

  1. A relevant degree or trade qualification.
  2. Good oral and written English language skill.
  3. A professional attitude and a commitment to excellence.

To apply for any of the above roles, please email your resume to: recruitment@supraco.com

Resumes must be in Microsoft Word format. Recruitment agents are encouraged to submit candidates.

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