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VICO is a major gas and oil producer and was the first company to develop and bring LNG to Indonesia in the late 1 970s. For more than three decades, VICO has been a leader in Indonesia finding and developing energy resources vital to the economic, infrastructure, and social development of a modern vibrant nation. Currently VICO is the most active company in developing CBM (Coal Bed Methane) in Indonesia. The VICO of today is a dynamic and thriving company that builds on our vision through the energy, ingenuity, and proficiency of its talented workforce. In this way, the company’s renewing itself and very excited about its present state and the opportunities of the future. For VICO it is not a dream, it’s a mission. We strongly believe that the success of our mission depends greatly on the quality and competency of our people. Therefore we would like to invite you to be a part of purr dynamic team to fill in the following Positions:

  • Training Section Head
  • Field Accounting Accountant
  • Tax & Collection Accountant
  • Revenue Analyst
  • Business Analyst

To see the details about the jobs and their specifications, please visit our recruitment website:

• All applications will be treated n strictest confidence
• We only process applications addressed through our website above


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