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Oil Consultants

Coiled Tubing Supervisors

The position is rotational and will be finalized if successful. This will be land based and will be a long term project. Previous experience of working within Indonesia advantageous, as the work location will be in Indonesia.

Typical work activities

  • Operate pumps that circulate water, oil, or other fluids through wells to remove sand or other materials obstructing the free flow of oil.
  • Confer with others to gather information regarding pipe or tool sizes or borehole conditions in wells.
  • Observe load variations on strain gauges, mud pumps, and motor pressure indicators; and listen to engines, rotary chains, and other equipment in order to detect faulty operations or unusual well conditions.
  • Thread cables through derrick pulleys, using hand tools.
  • ¬†Close and seal wells no longer in use.
  • Install pressure-control devices onto wellheads.
  • Prepare reports of services rendered, tools used, or time required, for billing purposes.
  • Examine unserviceable wells to determine actions to be taken to improve well conditions.
  • Interpret instrument readings to ascertain the depth of obstruction.
  • Select fishing methods or tools for removing obstacles such as liners, broken casing, screens, or drill pipe.
  • Operate specialized equipment to remove obstructions by backing-off or severing pipes by chemical or explosive action.
  • Insert detection instruments into wells with obstructions.
  • Perforate well casings or sidewalls of boreholes with explosive charges.
  • Direct drilling crews performing activities such as assembling and connecting pipe, applying weights to drill pipes, or drilling around lodged obstacles.
  • Day rate is negotiable upon experience.

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