Quality Assurance & Management Specialist PRSF



An Australian Government initiative, the Poverty Reduction Support Facility (PRSF), is seeking highly qualified candidates to fill in the following positions:

Quality Assurance & Management Specialist

Full TOR for the positions is available at www.grminternational.com under “JOB OPPORTUNITIES” while detailed information about our project is available at vmw.tnp2k.go.id- Please indicate in the email subject: “..,(name of position)._ – “. (your name)…”. Submit CV and GRM Job Application form (accessible in the TOR) to: prsf.recruitment@grminternational.com no later than 22 March 2014. E-mail size must not be more than 250 kb.

Only qualified candidates will be shortlisted

PRSF is managed by GRM International on behalf of

The Australian Government

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