Deck System Specialist PT Supraco Indonesia



A Jakarta based company with more than 29 years of experience in providing services to oil and gas industry in Indonesia.

We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position of:

  1. Sys Compl Lead – FF & Export System
  2. Integration Systems Specialist – Field Facilities
  3. Risk & Loss Prevention Specialist
  4. Construction Engineer Specialist-FF
  5. Control Lead – FSO
  6. Quality Assurance Coordinator
  7. Sys Completion Lead – FSO
  8. Steam/Marine Engineer
  9. Operation Advisor Field Facilities
  10. Start-Up Engineer & Technical
  11. Process/Mechanical Engineering
  12. Automation/Inst Engineering
  13. Start-Up Lead – FSO
  14. Interface Coordinator – Field Facilities
  15. Materials Engineer Specialist
  16. Infrastructure Facilities (IF) Project Manager
  17. Engineering Lead – EPC5
  18. Mooring Tower Lead
  19. Mechanical Completions Lead-FSO
  20. Mechanical Completions Lead-Mooring Tower
  21. Deck System Specialist
  22. Mechanical Completions Coordinator – Field Facilities
  23. Facilities Engineer Specialist
  24. Earthen Dam Engineer Specialist
  25. Start-Up Lead – FSO
  26. Start-Up Lead FF
  27. Turnover & Acceptance Coordinator

All Applications:

  • Shall have a minimum of 4 years working experience in Oil & gas Industry for Offshore and Onshore or Mining company
  • More experience is required for the senior positions
  • A Relevant degree or trade qualification
  • Good written and spoken English
  • A professional attitude and a commitment to excellence
  • Must have working knowledge and familiarity with all project disciplines
  • Background Bachelor of science in Engineering Mechanical, electrical, Instrument, Material, Civil, Chemical, Safety / Environmental, Petroleum, Marine/Naval Transportation, etc

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