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Overseas based Level 6
Starting Salary IDR 36,696,600

Deadline for lodging applications:
Midnight, Sunday, 11 April 2010
AusAID requires electronic lodgment of applications.
Any enquiries should be directed to the Recruitment Manager on 021-3924322 ext 543.

AusAID is the Australian Government Agency responsible for managing Australia’s overseas aid program. Vacancy currently exists for Senior Program Manager – Disaster Management in the AusAID Jakarta Office. We are inviting dynamic and experienced professional to take part in exciting position within our program in this section.

This package of information is intended to help potential applicants to understand the work of the AusAID Jakarta office, understand what is involved in the role and to help you make an informed decision to apply.

The package provides applicants with information on how to apply and what information the Selection Committee will be looking for to help them make the best selection decision.

Senior Program Manager – Disaster Management will be responsible for carrying out following duties:

  • Responsibility for managing AusAID Jakarta’s current disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction activities, directing and developing the future program, and reporting on these programs and related policy issues.
  • Initiate, establish, and manage/facilitate Australian emergency assistance to Indonesia in times of disasters.
  • Responsibility for developing and managing a community based disaster risk management mechanism.
  • Liaison and coordination with BNPB and other relevant Indonesian Government agencies.
  • Liaison and coordination within AusAID and with other Australian Government agencies, and representation of AusAID and the Australian Government at national and international forums.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of AusAID Jakarta’s disaster preparedness and disaster risk reduction activities.
  • Work with the Disaster Risk Management Adviser to integrate disaster risk reduction activities across the AusAID programs.
  • Requirement to be part of AusAID’s Rapid Response Team
  • Staff supervision and management including financial tracking
  • Other tasks as requested

Selection Criteria


  1. Relevant tertiary level academic qualifications
  2. Demonstrated experience in designing and managing development programs (preferably within a bilateral or multilateral donor or NGO)
  3. Excellent communication, negotiation, liaison and representation skills, particularly in written and spoken English
  4. Highly effective leadership and management skills and demonstrated capacity to work in a team environment and supervise staff
  5. Capacity to liaise with stakeholders in the Indonesian Government, the UN and other donor organizations, NGOs and Australian Government departments involved in emergency preparedness/ response.
  6. Demonstrated analytical skills.
  7. A strategic and innovative approach to policy development
  8. A high degree of personal initiative and judgement, demonstrated capacity to work under limited supervision and for time management, and ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines
  9. Availability to work outside standard hours and to be deployed as part of an emergency response team as necessary.


  1. Experience managing/implementing emergency management, disaster risk reduction, or related activities (experiences in Indonesia would be an advantage)
  2. Field-based emergency and/or humanitarian experiences.
  3. NB: All AusAID employees demonstrate a commitment to the APS Code of Conduct and Values, as well as to workplace diversity, occupational health and safety and employee participation principles and have appropriate cross-cultural sensitivities.

If after reading the information about the Organisation and The Job and have completed the Self Assessment Questionnaire you have decided to apply for this position you should follow these steps.

Step 1 – Prepare Resume

Prepare your Resume or Curriculum Vitae in Microsoft Word format. Your CV should include:

  • a summary of your employment history to date, include details of the dates, the organisation and a short description of the type of work you undertook.
  • summarise your educational qualifications in your CV, including the degree award or certificate, the institution attended, the dates of study and country where you studied.

Step 2 – Complete Application Form
Complete the AusAID Application Form (please refer to other attachment) and save as:
‘Job Application <name>’ in Word format.

The application has two main aims:

  • collects your personal information and preferred contact details
  • requires you to answer questions about your suitability for the job

Step 3 – Submit Job Application by Midnight, Sunday, 11 April 2010

Your application for the job should include:

  • a completed AusAID Application Form; AND
  • your Resume or CV

You should email both documents to HRindo@ausaid.gov.au.
Please include Senior Program Manager – Disaster Management in the email subject field.
Helpful Hints in Applying

Please take your time in answering the questions and preparing your CV as our decision on who moves forward will be based on the information you provide. Please draw on experience you have gained from work, social or study situations to demonstrate your skills and complete all areas of the application.

What Happens Next?
Once your application has been received and registered, our next step is to review the applications and select applicants to move forward to the next stage.

We will advise you if you have been successful in moving forward (short listed) to the second stage approximately within two to three weeks of the closing date. If you are short listed, we will also provide you with full information on what date and where you need to attend and interview.
Due to the volume of applications normally received, AusAID does not notify applicants who have not been short-listed or respond to any correspondent enquiring about it.

We will only process the applications that are sent through HRindo@ausaid.gov.au.

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