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Job Title: Donor Mapping Database Consultant (STC)
Reporting to : Task Team Leader
Dept/Div : EASIS
Appt Type : ST Consultant (150 days)
Closing date : July 10, 2010
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
Appointment : Local Hire

Decentralization Support Facility
Terms of Reference
Donor Mapping Database

Donor organizations have played an important role in supporting the Indonesian decentralization agenda by developing national and local government capacities in both core governance functions (planning, budgeting, financial management) as well as in improving over-all service delivery.

In 2006, to maintain an up-to-date information hub of donor-supported activities, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) commissioned the Decentralization Support Facility (DSF) to establish a Donor Mapping Database (DMD).

The purpose of the DMD would be to track, monitor, analyze and prioritize aid rendered to Indonesia by the international donor community, and thereby serve as a valuable planning and monitoring tool for the Government of Indonesia (GoI) and members of the donor community.

The database development has proceeded in phases. A database prototype was created in the first phase. In phase two, based on user feed-back, the design was upgraded to a web-enabled dynamic HTML database. This version is now available in both English and Bahasa Indonesia on the DSF web-site at
In the third phase of work DSF aims to:

  • Upgrade design features, increase and refine data content, and provide technical maintenance support
  • Transfer responsibility for updating information online to individual donor agencies.
  • Identify and hand over administrator rights and responsibilities to the “owner” entity in the MoHA.

Overall Objectives
To support these ambitions DSF wishes to hire a short term consultant to:

  • Develop database functionality, features and content as expressed by the GoI and the donor community
  • Provide technical support for the management of the database and enable donor agencies to independently update project information online
  • Train MoHA staff to assume full database management responsibilities and subsequently hand over the database

Specific Objectives
Database functionality, features and content

  • Consult selected GoI representatives to clarify database objectives and structure
  • Meet with donors to understand their views on the database utility and desired characteristics
  • Prepare a brief needs assessment report and develop the database in line with the outcomes from the GoI and donor consultations
  • Produce a narrative report explaining and documenting the purpose, functionality, features and content of the database
  • Present the report and carry out a physical demonstration of the updated database to GoI and donor representatives to solicit inputs and obtain the GoI’s formal approval


  • Prepare project information template sheets for standardized information submission from the donors
  • Identify donor focal points and inform them how to update and upload their individual project sheets directly on line
  • Provide technical support and guidance as needed to donor focal points
  • Reformat and update database material and functions as necessary to reflect new categories and updated program data. This may involve uploading new material, doing independent research and improving presentation of comparative data.

Hand over

  • Thoroughly inform GoI staff about the database potential and value as a planning and monitoring tool
  • Examine/establish links with existing datasets (in identified counterpart unit) and government reports
  • Liaise with relevant GoI staff to facilitate uploading of database to GoI websites
  • Carry out training sessions for GoI staff on all aspects of database management to ensure a successful database migration
  • Create a user guide and technical appendix for the database to ensure that the GoI independently can manage the database once it has been migrated to MoHA


  • Written needs assessment report Written report explaining the purpose, functionality, features and content of the database finalized
  • Database developed and launched
  • Project information templates designed and donor focal points identified and trained
  • Written mid-assignment progress report on work accomplished, lessons learnt and challenges ahead with suggestions how to address them completed
  • A minimum of 3 training sessions on database management of relevant GoI / MoHA staff conducted
  • Database migration to MoHA completed
  • Project completion report containing a database user guide with technical appendix completed

In close cooperation with representatives from the MoHA, the consultant will report his/her outcome products to the Senior Governance Advisor, Decentralization Support Facility (DSF).

Reporting Procedures

  • Brief biweekly progress reports in addition to the reports specified in the deliverables
  • All reports shall be submitted in Bahasa Indonesia and English
  • Timeline
  • The assignment is for 150 days over a 7.5 month period beginning in July 2010
  • Periodical follow up work is likely

Person Specifications

  • A Master degree in information technology or a related discipline or a good first degree combined with other evidence of significant accomplishments of relevance to the assignment;
  • Proficiency in maintaining and extending advanced Perl-based CGI application and MySQL databases
  • Proficiency in web authoring (complex JavaScript/AJAX, HTML, CSS)
  • Proficiency in working in Open Source environment (CentOS 5.3)
  • At least 5 years experience of work with database design, development and management a necessary requirement
  • Previous work with decentralization or civil service reform issues more generally, or related experience that demonstrates high potential for this type of work;
  • Strong analytical capability combined with clarity of thought and expression;
  • Good interpersonal and cross-cultural skills;
  • Excellent English and Bahasa Indonesia written and oral communication skills; and
  • Strong IT skills, and knowledge and experience with Excel, Word, and database formats a necessary requirement


  • Please only submit your cover letter, CV, references (three names with full contact details) to:
  • State the job title you apply and your name on the e-mail subject.
  • Deadline of application is July 10, 2010. Late submission will not be considered; hard copy applications and phone inquiries will not be accepted.

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