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Job id: 110017
Job Title: E T Consultant
Job Family: Poverty Reduction
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Appointment: Local Hire
Closing Date: 22-Jan-2011

The Poverty Team is seeking a Qualitative Research Specialist to support the Partnership for Knowledge-based Poverty Reduction program through two main areas of work:

1.    Policy oriented qualitative research and analysis

The Qualitative Specialist will initiate and carry out qualitative research to inform public policy to accelerate poverty reduction. The research will both provide inputs to policy formulation as well as monitoring and evaluation of existing poverty programs. The research can be both stand-alone as well as mixed methods through the integration with existing quantitative research that is being undertaken by the Poverty Team. Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Identify specific gaps in knowledge to be filled with qualitative data and analysis related to the policy agenda currently being considered by Poverty Team, government partners, and agencies involved in the knowledge sector agenda.
  • Prepare concept notes, TORs, methodologies for qualitative research relevant to the policy agenda.
  • Recruit/train/manage qualitative researchers or teams, oversee data collection, analysis and report writing. Provide exposure and experience in applying a wide range of qualitative research instruments.
  • Ensure overall quality management and assurance throughout the research process, and particularly in terms of the final product.
  • Assist in developing and disseminating key findings and policy messages to various audiences.
  • Scope out the need for and provide recommendations to integrate qualitative research into on-going quantitative research, develop mechanisms to introduce mixed methods research and analysis into the Poverty Team and partners’ research agenda.

2.    Strengthening Local Capacities for Qualitative Poverty Research and Analysis

The Qualitative Specialist will support program activities that aim to improve the capacities of partners (focusing on local universities and think tanks) for qualitative research and analysis. This will include direct skills transfer as well as work towards delivering and monitoring longer-term capacity building projects for knowledge partners. Specific duties and responsibilities include:

  • Support the institutional assessments undertaken under the knowledge sector program by including qualitative research and analysis capacity assessments, and provide recommendations for building capacity in this area.
  • Design and implement capacity building interventions for relevant partners – focusing mainly on the knowledge sector partners, in close consultation with other members of the Poverty Team and liaise with development partners involved in strengthening Indonesia’s knowledge sector.
  • Mentor counterparts in data collection and analysis of qualitative research findings through:
    • Coaching and facilitating partners in designing and implementing qualitative and mixed methods research projects.
    • Offering “on-demand” technical assistance to partners with higher levels of analytical capacity.
    • Providing frameworks, tools and guidelines that will support rigorous qualitative analysis.
    • Strengthening institutional arrangements and capacities to support the preparation and delivery of high-quality research products to support government policymaking.

The Qualitative Specialist will work in the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management (PREM) sector and will be based in the World Bank office in Jakarta, and will report to the Task Team Leader (TTL) of the Poverty Team. He/she will be expected to work in close collaboration with other team members, as well as members of the Social Development (SD), Human Development (HD) and other teams with functions related to poverty research and analysis.

The successful candidate will be offered an extended-term consultancy. The length of the contract will be for one year, with the expectation that it will be extended a second year based on satisfactory performance and budget availability.


The Consultant is expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Master’s degree in social science, with a preference for sociology or anthropology.
  • Minimum 5 years’ relevant experience in one or more professional disciplines, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Demonstrated skills and experience in qualitative research, gender analysis, capacity building, research project management; experience in coordinating and managing teams of consultants and/or staff.
  • Experience in setting-up and/or managing research projects.
  • Demonstrated analysis and writing skills and experience in the use of qualitative data analysis software packages (eg.  NVivo, Nudist) and preparation of policy

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  1. Doan Wahyu Phermana

    Doan Wahyu Phermana

    Bersama Ini saya mengajukan lamaran pekerjaan kepada perusahaan Bapak/Ibu pimpin.
    Oleh karena itu apabila ada kesempatan untuk bergabung menjadi Karyawan.

    Identitas diri sebagai berikut:
    Nama : Doan Wahyu Phermana
    TTL : Malang, 10 Oktober 1984
    Alamat : Jl Sultan Agung 81 Singosari 81 Singosari Malang
    Pnddkn Terakhir : D3 Manajemen Keuangan & Perbankan
    Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang 2007
    Telephone : 081230127137

    Pengalaman Kerja :
    1. Monitoring Reload Pulsa International di Jakarta
    2. Pengawas Pruksi PT KMJ Krian Sidoarjo Unit PT BERLINA Pandaan
    3. Adminitrasi Produksi PR. GAGAK HITAM Bondowoso
    4. Medical Reprensetatif PT PHAROS INDONESIA
    Demikian Surat Lamaran pekerjaan saya buat dengan sebenar-benarnya dan atas perhatiannya terima kasih.

    Hormat saya,

    Doan Wahyu P

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