Transportation Coordinator BP


Job title: Transportation Coordinator
Req ID: 16396BR

Role synopsis
To ensure the transportation services (operational pool, functional, expat, call out cars and parking membership) are available to meet the business and customer’s satisfactory in flawless, effective, efficient, timely, safely manner and full compliance to corporate and government policies.

Key accountabilities

  1. Managing all transportation Contractors to provide the services (pool, functional, expats, gasoline supply, call out cars and parking membership) in timely, safely, well coordinated, full compliance to policy & procedure for multi level customers to ensure smooth operation and support any emergency needs.
  2. Revisit and develop transportation policies that involve other departments such as:
    • a. HR for any policies related to benefits.
    • b. HSE for any policies related to driving safety standard and emergency situation socialization of functional and expat car policies to the users.
  3. Responsible for contract management that consists of setting up contract strategy, benchmarking, through the right procurement process, setting up KPI & SLA, and monitor contractor performance through QPR.
  4. Operation efficiency & cost management:
    • a. Prepare the yearly budget proposal and monitor the actual spending.
    • b. Maximize the functional and ex-expat cars for operational, and monitor the call out usage.
    • c. Control drivers’ overtime, car gasoline, toll, parking fee and out of town expenses.
  5. Consistent with the implementation of driving safety standard such as monthly transport safety meeting, select the light vehicle that meets the standard, control over speeding cases and excessive working hour of more than 16 hrs/day, Defensive Driving training and fit for work.
  6. Set up integrated data management for real time operation, all associated costs, Safety Tracking (VDR) and customer satisfaction survey. Analyze the data and take prioritized actions to improve the services.
  7. Develop and maintain Facilities Management website to provide easy access for users to understand and obtain Facilities Management services, give feedbacks; to enable continuous and measured data management for operational, safety & efficiency.

Essential Education
Bachelor degree in any discipline with safety knowledge.

Essential experience and job requirements

  • Be Indonesian national.
  • 5 years working experience and or 2 years in oil & gas multi national companies, preferably posess experience in HR, PSCM, Security, HSE or car rental services.
  • Successfully deliver results in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Possess sound knowledge of BP Indonesia business activities – preferable.
  • Possess sound knowledge of Undang Undang Ketenagakerjaan – preferable.
  • Ability to develop standard procedures and customer satisfaction.

Other essential skills and knowledge

  • Fluency in English.
  • Capable to lead people and excellent communication skills with all levels of organization and external parties.

Desirable criteria & qualifications

  • Ability to develop data management system, analyze & come up with continuous improvements.

Closing date: January 15th 2010

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