FPGA Engineer PT Xirka Silicon Technology

PT Xirka Silicon Technology, an IC Design and Manufacturing company located in Bandung, would like to invite highly dedicated professionals to become a part of our specialized developers team.

FPGA Engineer, experienced in:

  • RTL design, Simulation using VHDL or VERILOG
  • FPGA implementation, PCB design, RF board design
  • Microprocessor programming and implementation
  • Using Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer

Embedded Programming Engineer, experienced in:

  • C or C++ programming
  • Operating System, real-time programming, and driver programming
  • IP packet programming, and WiMax MAC design

PCB Board Designer, experienced in:

  • Holding D3/D4/S1
  • Basic Electronics Design, PCB design (minimum 4 layers)
  • Using PCB CAD Tools, component soldering

Communication Modeling Engineer, experienced in :

  • Digital communication system design and simulation
  • Digital Communication Theory (channel coding, modulation,synchronizer, equalizer, channel, modeling, OFDM, etc)
  • RF, MATLAB or C programming

All candidates with Degree in Electrical Engineering or Informatics are welcomed.

All applications by email to: hrd@xirkachipset.com

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  1. teflondon91

    “Ahh but I do miss my WWII scope I had back in high school. I would buy one from eBay knowing it would be as a curiosity at the least 🙂 and a creature to resurrect. The only fearsome aspect is a CRT reconstruction can cost from 250 to 1500 US!! OMG DOLLARS! Re-Cap, new tubes, probably new wiring is all a given and part of the joy 😀
    >_> This said, I do want a “”workable”” scope too, and your tut is encouraging!!”

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