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Dear Sir/Madam,
I am a Mud Engineer having more then 4 and half years of experience in renowned companies of the world and presently I am working in Oman. I am expert in preparing and maintaining the optimum properties (as per need) of almost all kinds of WBM and OBM. In my career i have faced almost all kinds of drilling related problems which a mud engineer can face and solved them accordingly. I started my career from biggest oil and Gas Company of Pakistan (OGDCL) as a trainee mud engineer where i got mud school training for 6 months. After seeing my quick learning power I was promoted to assistant mud engineer and after 3 months promoted to mud engineer.

After spending 2 years in OGDCL, I realized that this is the time to get international experience. For that purpose i applied in MB Petroleum services Oman and after giving interview they want me to be part of their company which I accepted. In MB Petroleum services i worked for 9 months. During that period I worked on Deutag Rig-11,MB Rig-38 and then Hoist-33.After seeing my hard working capabilities at well Mabrouk-1,PDO(Operating company)awarded appreciation shield to MB Petroleum services which is a honor for me. After I joined GWDC Oman in 2009-Feb and till now I am working in GWDC. In GWDC, I worked on North Oman where the formation is extremely complicated. I worked on sink areas and cope with Stucking, loss circulation, H2S, high torque and well flow problems. The most positive part of my personality is that I believe in team work and I never confused in any kind of problem. I have good leadership and communication abilities as I got my education in institutions where the motive is to develop confidence among students.

Now I want to be part of your company as a Mud Engineer and I assure you will never disappoint you and will fulfill your expectations.

For further details, I have attached my CV please download it.

I am looking forward to hear your kind reply.

Best Regards,
Hashim Abbas
Cell number: 00923336722334
Email: ali_hashim829@yahoo.com

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