M&E Consultant Futures Group International

Short-term M & E Consultant for HIV/AIDS and/or Malaria and/or TB
LOCATION: Indonesia
EPORTS TO: Indonesia Country Director

Futures Group is subcontracted to PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) – Indonesia to provide technical assistance in the areas of public health policy, the disease context, programmatic issues and monitoring and evaluation as part of the Global Fund for HIV, TB and malaria (GFATM) Local Fund Agent program. The Consultant will provide short term services to the Futures Group and the work shall include but is not limited to:

  • New or (Repeat) Prime Recipient (PR) Assessments and Local Fund Agent (LFA) review of documentation related to grant negotiation – Assessment in the areas of Program Management Capacity (PMC); Sub-recipient Management; and Monitoring and Evaluation Arrangements (M&E);
  • Ongoing progress review and disbursement recommendations – Confirmation of information contained in the programmatic progress update and that the results are strictly attributable to the period in question (note that the indicators and targets must exactly reflect those set out in the Performance Framework),
  • On-Site Data Verification – An on-site data verification site visit that requires the LEA to travel to the identified sites and verify information on specific programmatic data reported by the Principal Recipient, as agreed with the Fund Portfolio Manager of the Global Fund.
  • The consultant will submit a report in file prescribed format, containing findings and recommendations to the Futures Group Country Director;
  • Phase 2 renewal process Gather and synthesize information on issues and additional textual information;
  • Rolling Continuation Channel (RCC) – Assessment of the PR, using the same tools as currently exist for assessments of New or (Repeat) PR Assessments, Grant Closure – verify the last Progress Update;
  • Continuity of Services Verify the number of patients on courses of treatment (ARVs, 0I, 1st and 2nd line TB) at the Program End Date or Termination Date and conduct other verification activities as deemed appropriate by the Global Fund Secretariat;
  • Grant Consolidation
  1. Reviewing the, consolidated performance indicators and targets and providing comments     and recommendations to the Global Fund by completing a Consolidation Assessment Report which is to be attached as an Annex to the Repeat PR Assessment Report:
  2. Reviewing newly set indicators and targets to ensure they are in line with the consolidated work plan and budget, and
  3. Considering with the PR whether there are any legal implications of the consolidation under the applicable domestic law.
  • Others:
  1. Design the simplified tools that will be used by the team members; and
  2. Train and provide guidance and support to the financial experts in the course of the data verification.


  • Applicants must have a minimum of a Masters Degree in public health, medicine, social sciences or a related field plus at least 7 years work experience in M&E in the field of HIV, Malaria and/or TB.
  • Excellent interpersonal, communications, writing, presentation, and organizational skills are highly desirable
  • Requires spoken and written fluency in English.

A comprehensive CV and three contactable references. Please do not send all diplomas and certificates at this application.
A letter of motivation stating why you are a qualified candidate.
Please email your CV, daily rate and motivational letter to: careers@futuresgroup.com and awisnu@futuresgroup.com

Subject Line Short-term M&E Consultant, Indonesia. Closing date for all applications: Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible but no later than May 3, 2009.

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