Operation Director Marliem Marketing Group

Operation Director

Comprehensive knowledge of:

  • Business principles and techniques of administration, organization, and management to include an in-depth understanding of the key business issues that exist in the mobile industry. These include, but are not limited to:
  • Knowledge of strategic and operational planning, personnel administration, federal, state and local laws, marketing, financial and cost analysis
  • 1.  Data processing methods and procedures, hardware, and computer software systems
  • 2.  Systems design and development process, including requirements
  • 3.  Analysis, feasibility studies, software design, programming, pilot testing, installation, evaluation and operational management
  • 4.  Business process analysis and redesign
  • 5. Design, management, and operation of managed IT systems.
  • Maintains contact with IT suppliers and partners
  • Maintains knowledge of current technology, equipment, prices and terms of agreements to minimize the investment required to meet established service levels.
  • Evaluates alternatives, performs appropriate cost benefit analysis, and recommends solutions that maximize effectiveness and minimize cost commensurate with acceptable risks.
  • Manages relationships with vendors for sales, service and support of all information systems and technology.
  • Serves as the primary contact to software, hardware and network-related vendors, consultants, and partners.

Proven skills in:

  • Negotiating with vendors, contractors, and others
  • Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Planning and organizing
  • Management and leadership
  • Communication

Demonstrated ability to:

  • Relate to all levels of people
  • Be a team player that motivates and educates other team members
  • Plan, implement and support systems
  • Set and manage priorities
  • Comprehend complex, technical subjects
  • Translate technical language to lay audiences
  • Link and apply complex technologies to business strategies

Willing to travel up to 50% of the time.

To apply, send CV with cover letter to: opening@marliem.com

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