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TOTAL’s worldwide presence has given mobility opportunities for many Total E&P Indonesie employees to work abroad. The choice is yours to join their growing number.

PURCHASING OFFICER (1104) (10049315)

Job description

  • Ensure compatibility of all services procured with BP Migas and TOTAL Group procedures.
  • Ensure the consistency of tender procedure with regard to auditability of the whole process.
  • Ensure the minimum level of the number of discrepancies, mistakes and flaws related to contractual matters and tender procedures.
  • Have exposure in method and study.

Required skills

  • Education: Bachelor Degree in Engineering of Business
  • Only for Indonesian Nationality
  • Experience: 4-5 years, with minimum 2 years in oil and gas industry
  • Skills
    • negotiation, contract developing skill
    • vendor management, procurement regulation
    • project management

CONTRACT ENGINEER (1105) (10049314)

Job description
Organise and manages the pre qualification and CFT (Call for Tender) stages for all contracts and Purchase Order (PO).

  • Negotiates terms, claims, change orders in liaison with Cost Control Engineer.
  • Ensures smooth contract/P.O’s administration
  • Evaluate tender especially for commercial and contractual aspects.
  • Prepare all contract required for operation phase

Required skills

  • Education: Have a bachelor degree in any engineering background
  • Experience:
    • 3-5 years experience in contract administration/documentation, esp. in oil and gas industry.
    • Have knowledge in legal and assurance
  • Only for Indonesian Nationality
  • Skills
    • Strong knowledge in legal and assurance
    • Good negotiation and communication/presentation skill.


Job description

  • Monitor strategic, optimized and cost effective business processes within Logistics, Land, Sea, Air (LSA) to achieve division objectives.
  • Monitor the availability of operational standards and procedures for LSA dynamics and corresponding plan to provide transparent and auditable performance report.
  • Conduct technical verification of materials and services for LSA to ensure the accordance with company standards.
  • Provide KPI and Table du Bord to ensure proper reflection of LSA.

Required skills

  • Education: Minimum Bachelor Degree in Engineering, preferably in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering.
  • Experience: At least with 1 year experience in oil and gas industry, especially in logistic, marine and safety area.
  • Skills: Advantages with field and office exposure.

SITE PLANNER (10045596)

Job description
Job Purpose: Plan and consolidate the scheduling of Maintenance, Inspection, Production, Construction, and other related entities, as well as coordinate support operation activities (stock materials, material movements) to synergize daily operation on site and minimize downtime (plant & equipment)

  • Conduct the jobs related to site planning matter to respect the HSE policies and procedure
  • Coordinate the planned shutdown intervention with related entities to ensure the shutdowns are executed as per planned and meet the program expectation
  • Prepare and issue the integration of all site plan to increase effectiveness of site operation
  • Follow-up and control the daily update of planning implementation through UNISUP/SAP system to inform all entities in performing their parts
  • Control the activities of material movement and storage in order to support operational activities in compliance with the latest supply chain’s policies.

Required skills

  • Education: Bachelor degree from any engineering background
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years experience in Oil and Gas Industry
  • Skills:
    • Good analytical and strategic thinking, planning and organizing, good communication skill, good team work
    • Knowledge of site operation, UNISUP/SAP, Ms Project, Fluency English
    • Only for Indonesian Nationality


Job description
Job Purpose: Undertake all the necessary efforts by restoring and increasing wells potentials to maximize production and optimize injection.

  • Conduct the jobs related to well performance in order to respect HSE policies and procedures
  • Supervise the well performance monitoring on regular basis to ensure the observed production/injection potential is as close as possible to the production/injection constrained potential
  • Generate and propose ideas for wells or network/utilities interventions to increase cost efficiency for undertaken intervention
  • Check that all wells and networks are properly modelled, calibrated on validated data and the models are regularly update to ensure the mandatory first steps before any optimization
  • Prepare well performance reports to hierarchy and other departments related to deliver correct data on well performance

Required skills

  • Education: Bachelor degree, preferably majoring in petroleum engineering
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years experience on the relevant area
  • Only for Indonesian Nationality
  • Skills:
    • Good analytical thinking, good communication skills, planning and organizing, and good team work
    • Have knowledge to operate Olga Software, Petex Software, Sand management, Artificial Lift, and knowledge on Production and Process.


Job description

  • Deliver support to operational sites in accordance to HSE policy and procedures
  • Promote efficient methodology of production activity in sites to ensure the contribution to improvement of operation
  • Prepare and analyze the content of procedures and Standing Instruction to ensure that the document complies to higher level of regulation and executable by user
  • Perform follow up actions of technical studies/modifications to ensure the efficient technical assistance from Balikpapan entities and site operations.

Required skills

  • Education: Bachelor degree of Engineering, preferable from Chemical or Petroleum Engineering
  • Experience: Several years experience in oil & gas upstream activities with background of Maintenance, Technical Support, Method Production, Operation and Safety
  • Only for Indonesian Nationality
  • Skills:
    • Knowledge on the upstream process
    • Practical engineering calculation
    • Basic process equipment
    • Safety Engineering


Job description

  • Reservoir Surveillance

Required skills

  • Education: Minimum Bachelor Degree in Petroleum Engineering
  • Experience: Minimum 3 years of experience at the same position
  • Skills: Forecasting


Job description

  • To prepare and present technical dossiers relating to structural engineering, in order to assist the engineering manager in co-coordinating the development of a specific Project (Oil and Gas) Construction.
  • Assist management team to ensure that the safety objectives and requirements are met.
  • Review, comment and approve, where applicable, in due time, engineering documents and drawings from the Contractors and Vendors during all the phases of the Work.
  • Ensure that his team reviews and comments engineering documents in due time, coordinates between projects.
  • Coordinates to the Project for Factory Acceptance Test at Vendor’s premises.
  • Coordinates to the commissioning teams of Projects whenever required.
  • Consolidates and prepare for validation into the Vendor Management system all relevant information, feedback for the Vendor of structural engineer.
  • Participate, as requested, in vendors and Contractors qualification audits for his structural engineer. Proposes new candidates for qualification.
  • Assist the Projects in consolidating replies to PTR and SPOT audits.
  • Coach and participate into the integration of new comers and participate into the development of his Structural Engineer team.
  • Monitor the workload of his team and proposes modification of assignment as necessary.

Required skills

  • Education: Having bachelor degree from any engineering major.
  • Experience: Having minimum 10 years solid experience in oil and gas industry
  • Skills:
    • Fluent Written and spoken English.
    • Proficient with Oil and Gas International Codes and Standards for the discipline


Job description
Job consists in delivering engineering to drill development or exploration wells:

  • Dedicated to a rig follow-up or to transverse studies
  • Design well trajectories and architectures
  • Run simulations for casing design, torq and drag, hydraulics, anti-collision, well control
  • Issue drilling programs and procedures, end of well reports, feed-back
  • Conduct prespud meetings on rigs
  • Assess New technologies
  • Prepare for drilling services some call for tenders and follow some contracts
  • Perform drilling engineering studies
  • Follow-up performance through ALI and KPI’s
  • Prepare and follow well cost and budgets
  • Defend to SKK Migas technical drilling subjects (AFE, cost overrun, operational problems explanations)

Required skills

  • • Education: Bachelor degree preferably in Petroleum or Mechanical engineering
  • • Experience: Minimum 10 years experience in drilling engineering/operations, either land rig or offshore wells (subsea is a plus, but not required)
  • • Skills: Fluent English


Job description
Job consist in leading from town one Swamp rig or Jack-Up operations:

  • Report to Head of Drilling Manager Department
  • Dedicated to one or two rigs
  • Can be contacted 24/24 7/7
  • May lead a crisis response as required
  • Responsible for the implementation by the rig of the operations programs and procedures
  • Review drilling programs and procedures
  • Go regularly on his rig (once a week roughly)
  • Replace drilling supervisor on the rig if required
  • Organize the operations logistic aspects
  • Anticipate problems and prepare alternative plans
  • QA/QC on rig reporting and feedback
  • Assist in rig selection process
  • Validate rig related invoices
  • Transfer know-how to supervisors and junior engineers
  • Has permanent goal to respect Company rules, procedures, national and international regulations, assess and mitigate risks, improve HSE and operational performance.

Required skills

  • Education: Minimum diploma degree preferably in Petroleum or Mechanical engineering
  • Experience: 12 years of experience in drilling operations, either land rig or offshore wells (subsea is a plus, but not required)
  • Skills:
    • Fluent English
    • Strong mental

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