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Job Title : Quantitative Data Analyst
Dept/Div : EASID
Appt Type : Short Term Consultant (STC)
Closing date : September 30, 2011
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
Appointment : Local Hire

Terms of Reference: Quantitative Data Analyst


  1. The Conflict and Development (C&D) Program was established within the Social Development Unit of the World Bank Office Jakarta in response to the conflicts that accompanied Indonesia’s democratic transition. The program provides an innovative model for supporting government and CSOs in developing conflict-sensitive approaches that respond to the changing dynamics of Indonesia’s transition.
  2. The program has a long record of providing analytical and advisory support on conflict issues in Indonesia. At the request of GOI, the C&D program has conducted a number of studies to help address key government policy needs. These include the “Local Conflict and Community Development in Indonesia” study (2006), which assessed the impact of the KDP/PNPM CDD program on social structures, conflict and dispute-resolution. In Aceh, immediately after the peace agreement, the team’s studies and early assessments of post-conflict needs provided an analytic basis for post-conflict programming, eventually resulting in a government-financed program that delivered reintegration benefits to over 230,000 conflict victims in 67 of Aceh’s sub-districts through KDP community-based mechanisms (BRA-KDP program). Often working with Indonesian institutions to conduct studies, the analytical program has had a strong capacity building component. At the national level, inputs from the team fed into the 2010-2014 national mid-term development strategy (RPJM) and Aceh’s 2005-2025 long-term development strategy (RPJP Aceh).
  3. Recently, based on strong demand from the Government of Indonesia, a National Violence Monitoring System (NVMS) has been developed by the Conflict and Development Program in Indonesia to strengthen the capacity of Indonesia’s institutions to detect and respond to social conflict through data and analysis. The project will be implemented in close partnership with the Office of the Deputy Minister for Social Vulnerability in the Coordinating Ministry for People’s Welfare (Kemenkokesra) and local partner institutions. The 30-month project is to be funded by a new Korea Economic and Peace-building Transitions Trust Fund and activities are expected to commence by October 2011.
  4. Component 1 of the NVMS project will be implemented by a local firm, to be contracted by the World Bank, to compile real-time data on violence in seven vulnerable provinces. The data collection methodology will follow the tools and instruments previously used for the World Bank’s Violence Conflict in Indonesia Study (ViCIS) and local newspapers will be the main (although not exclusive) source of data. The compiled data will be regularly published on an online data portal to make it available to government, donors, academics and the general public.
  5. Component 2 of the project will be implemented by a local research institution, the Habibie Center. Under this component, a team of researchers will publish regular policy briefs based on analysis of the quantitative data produced under Component 1 to identify analyze emerging issues and offer policy options. Two extensive mixed-method studies will be conducted to investigate causal mechanisms of some prevalent forms of violence in Indonesia and will assess policy implications of key findings. A Violence Intensity Index will also be developed as a tool to identify the most violence prone sites in Indonesia. Finally, the key findings of these analytical products will be socialized through seminars and workshops at both the national and regional level.
  6. Component 3 of the project is designed to provide coordination support to Kemenkokesra, the government counterpart for this project; and capacity building support to the Habibie Center. Assistance will be provided to Kemenkokesra to translate analytical findings from Components 1 and 2 into policy initiatives and facilitate socialization of project results to other government agencies. Finally, technical support will be provided to the Habibie Center to develop high quality research products reflective of government needs.
  7. A consultant is needed to assist with the implementation of Component 3 activities. Detailed tasks are described below.


The consultant is expected to perform the following tasks:

  • Assess the Kemenkokesra’s need for use of violence data and liaise with the contracted firm under Component 1 to ensure that these are reflected in the development of the public data portal;
  • Socialize technical details of violence data produced under Component 1 activities to key staff in the Kemenkokesra’s office and provide training on data usage;
  • Provide quantitative data analysis support to the Kemenkokesra for internal planning and policy needs;
  • Assess existing data formats currently in use by Kemenkokesra and identify ways of incorporating violence data into these internal systems;
  • Other tasks as required.


The following outputs are expected:

  • Assessment of need for violence data and identification of processes where such data is needed;
  • Planning and materials from training sessions for key government staff;
  • Technical assessment of existing databases and recommendations on incorporation of violence data;
  • Regular progress reports and work plans.


The following qualifications are desired:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistics or related field;
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant experience in working with Indonesian government statistics;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of statistical and programming software;
  • Fluent Indonesian and working knowledge of English;
  • Excellent analytical skills and an attention to detail;
  • Ability to work in a team to meet deadlines.


The position is that a Short Term Consultant (STC) starting in October 2011, for a period of 150 days.

The position may be renewable for another year based on performance and project needs. The consultant will be based in Jakarta.


  • This is a local hire position, but open for all nationals.
  • Please only submit your cover letter, CV, and references (at least three names with full contact details) to: jobsindonesia@worldbank.org
  • Do not forget to state your name and position applied in the e-mail subject.
  • Deadline of application is September 30, 2011. Late submission will not be considered; hard copy applications and phone inquiries will not be accepted.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview

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