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PT Ocean Metal Indo is a national private company with main business in Energy and Coal Industry in Indonesia. We are looking for dynamic and creative professional human resources, with good track records, to join and grow with us for below positions:

Senior Coal Quality Control (Job Code: SQC)


  • Bachelor Degree in Mining, Geology.
  • Minimum 6 years experiences in coal logistic and quality control.
  • Strong network contacts & relations.
  • Detersive source information.
  • Strong computer skills.
  • Good knowledge in coal geology.
  • Good knowledge in coal sampling technique and procedure (pit and stockpile samples and disturbed or undisturbed samples).
  • Good knowledge in coal quality control and quality assurance management.
  • Good knowledge in stockpile management and mine geology engineering.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in mining software such as Autocad, Minescape, Xpac, Minex, etc.
  • Good leadership with interpersonal and organizational skills.
  • Candidates from Kalimantan Tengah are preferred.
  • Willing to be located at our site in Kalimantan Tengah.


  • Responsible for all aspects of coal logistic activity including organization and sourcing.
  • Good knowledge of coal quality and sources.
  • Develop specific supplier solutions based on strong financing, structuring, logistic and risk mitigation capabilities.
  • Prepare coal samples to analyze.
  • Managed routine coal sampling and guidance services for front line people.
  • Managed and supervise all the procedure needed to prevent parting and other impurities materials in pit.
  • Managed and supervise all the procedure needed in stockpile activities based on stockpile.
  • Assist mine geologist and all mine operation in pit.
  • Assist mine mapping and exploration activities if needed.
  • Monitor production activity to have good quality coal.

Please (Put on your CV) :

  • Current salary & expected salary
  • Availability to join.
  • GPA in S1 and/or S2

Please send your updated CV to:

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