Teachers Mahatma Gandhi School Kemayoran




Experienced teachers with fluency in English may apply to the Principal with complete resume and copies of credentials by 8th May 2010

  1. English & Maths (for Primary Classes) – S1
  2. Mandarin (for Senior Classes) – S1
  3. English (for Senior Classes) – S1
  4. Music (SD, SMP, & SMA) – S1

Mahatma Gandhi School
Jl. Tabing Block B-16 No.3 Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat
Ph. 021 6542241 Fax. 6542479


2 Replies to “Teachers Mahatma Gandhi School Kemayoran”

  1. Yohanes Januari

    I am interested in being a teacher at the foundation mentioned. I am teaching at Harcourt International Jakarta. I support my life such a relief teaching work. I will complete my resume after being responded to the willingness I am expressing now namely being an English teacher. Mahatma Gandhi School is popular for its fame make me be interested in. Seemingly, it will give a good prospect for the future of mine.

    I am looking forward to getting a confirmation from you.

    Faithfully yours

    Yohanes Januari, S.Pd.

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