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Leighton Contractors Indonesia is a fast growing company that has been operating in Indonesia for over 30 years. Our organization works both civil construction and mining. Due to exceptional growth of our business over the past year we are now recruiting talented team oriented individuals who are looking for an organization that will provide opportunities to further develop both their capabilities and careers while helping our company to continue its profitable growth.

Position: Logistic Superintendent (Balikpapan based)


  • Should have diploma/degree in Engineering or equivalent,
  • At least 5 years experience with logistic and warehouse area as supervisor role, in mining or heavy equipment industry would be an advantage,
  • Good knowledge in supply chain and logistic project management,
  • Computer literate and fluent in English,
  • Have a good interpersonal, analytical, and solving problem skills.

Please send your complete application in MS Word format to our website www.leightonasia.com or email to recruits@leighton.co.id (please mention the position as email subject).

Only short-listed candidates will be notified for interview.

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  3. Alexander Koupun

    My name is Alexander Koupun, 24 years old, male, single, energetic and healthy. I am a Control System Engineer and graduated from DIAN NUSWANTORO UNIVERSITY (UDINUS) on October 2008 with GPA 2, 77.

    I am a hard worker, honest, fast learner and always try to do the best. I would like to bring some benefits to your company and I will be very appreciated if you could give me an opportunity to work in your company.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Alexander Koupun
    Phone : 081326482444
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  4. Bram Lewerissa

    I would like to apply for a position of “Logistics Superintendent”
    Please find the attached CV for reference.

    TITLE : CV / RESUME ( Updated )
    For Onshore & Offshore Drilling / Oil & Gas.

    Personnel Statistics

    N a m e : BRAM LEWERISSA (For Business Transaction – Working)
    Other name : Silas Abraham Lewerissa (Baptish name – shown in my Passport)
    Place/Date of Birthday : Bintuni, 11 June 1951 (East of Indonesia)
    Nationality : Republic of Indonesia
    Marital status : Married ( 3 Children ).
    Residence address : Jl. Adam No. 60, Rt.006/Rw.011, Kel. Sukabumi Utara, Kebun-
    Jeruk, Jakarta Barat, 11540 – INDONESIA.
    Contact #’s : +62 (21) 98161960 (Home), +62 (21) 5300804 Fax/Telp,
    +62 81315939909 Mobile
    Email address : bnl@cbn.net.id
    Religion : Christian – Protestant
    Passport (International) : B.120110 Issued : 17/02/2006 and Expired : 17/02/2011.
    I will re-new my passport before December 2010
    Seaman Book : No. U088504
    Yellow Fever Certificate : No. 0100220

    Education – Training – Course

    Educational : Some college ( 2 years gained the University of Cendrawasih in
    Irian Jaya – East of Indonesia ). No Degree ! I wasn’t continue my
    lecture. Finished my High School in 1972 – Deploma.

    Training & Courses : Safety Training for Fire Drill, Abandon Ship (Offshore), and other
    safety programs such as : Helicopter Under Water Escape Training
    and Sea Survival, Safety Training Observation Program (STOP).
    Attended the Seminar from MIGAS ( Oil & Gas Petroleum Co of
    Indonesia in 2006.) This program consist of SCM, Materials Mngt
    Program, Logistics, Procurement & Purchasing, Cost Control,
    Warehouse Control & Coordination, Vendor Survey, Cost Reduce.
    The above activities are for Drilling & Production projects.
    Radio Operator Training for Gold Exploration and Mining Co.

    Consultant : Worked for some Drilling Companies as a Consultant in handling
    Procurement & Purchasing, Logistics, and Warehouse. Up dated the
    purchasing system and cost control for the local purchased materials
    and import materials as well. Make plans and schedules for the pur-
    chased materials. Also, target and result of what we had planed
    and purchased for drilling project materials.

    Languages : Indonesia (Fluent), English (Fluent), Dutch ( Intermadiate ).

    Employment History

    Jan 2010 until present :
    Now, I am still working for Intership Pte, Ltd in Angola at Chevron Oil Co. area ( Offshore ).
    Position that this company had offered to me is a Materials Manager. For further information,
    you may contact me through my email address as shown in my personnel statistic.
    My duties and responsibilities are : handling in/out cargoes, handling shipments, control in/out
    materials, working on paperworks, documentation clearance, working at the port for sending
    shipment from Chevron Base to the Barge, sending back loads to the dock side, supervised the
    handling crews if there is a shipment that need to be sent to the barge, make requisition for all
    required materials and equipment and send to the head office for further process. Work at the port
    with Chevron company’s ports supervisor and materials superintendent in handling our shipments
    and put in the offshore containers (20 ft long) and send to the barge as per required. Some times,
    we have to move materials from the 40 ft containers to the offshore containers (20 ft) and load it
    to the supply boat for sending them to the barge. Computerized system for all activities.
    Prepare Master Inventory List & Summary for monthly report. Make requisition, Receiving Re-
    port, Daily report, and monthly report as well. Set up new system for handling in/out materials.

    Jan 2009 – Aug 2009 :
    PT. Plumpang Raya Anugrah / PT.Permata Drilling Co.
    I worked as a Consultant for two of the drilling companies together with position as a Purchasing Manager, but I must involved in handled their logistics, transportations, warehouse activities.
    These companies had many rigs operations (Onshore Drilling Rigs from 1000 Hp – 2000 Hp) Operation areas were in Sumatra and Java regions. I had resigned from these companies because the jobs were overloads for me. I had chosed the best way and try to find other jobs that can make me feel better, happy and get more responsibility in doing my activities later. I want to find overseas
    Jobs or any other suitable jobs in S.E.Asia or in Indonesia ( Onshore/Offshore or Constrcution ).

    Aug 2007 – Dec 2008 :
    Lonestar Drilling Nigeria, Ltd.
    Location : Port Harcourt – Nigeria (Africa).
    Position : Drlg Project Mat’ls Manager / Warehouse Manager.
    Daily activities : Support the Drilling Projects activities.
    General Manager in charged : David.Herbert Hooper.

    Duties and Responsibilities :
    Report the daily activities to the and OPM (Operation Manager).
    Administrater the planning of materials and services in coordination with project manager.
    Create materials and services requisitions and local purchase orders to support the project.
    Track, Expedite and report progress of the project’s critical patch items.
    Communicate with logistics personnel on important and critical consignment.
    Prepare regular summary and detail budjet updates.
    Ensure compliance with company policy regarding vendors, receipts, payments, etc.
    Field visit (travel) to and from project site as required.
    Resite with project team on project site for a short duration period.
    Support project, operation’s approval and transaction.
    Responsible for coordinating with agents in regards to custom clearance and documentation.
    Ensure that the materials and equipment are prepared safely accordingly with the policies and
    Coordinate with field coordinator for the transportation of incoming and outgoing materials.
    Field trips are parts of the logistics jobs and materials handling procedures.
    To ensure that the matrials are shipped to the project sites as required.
    Make sure with the vendors that the purchased materials will be arrived as per scheduled.

    Aug 2001 – Aug 2006
    PT. Binatek Reka Kruh ( TAC – Pertamina )
    This is Oil & Gas Production Company. Joint operation between Indonesia and Australia.
    PT.Binatek Reka Kruh from Indonesia and Anzon Energy Pte, Ltd from Australia.
    My General Manager : Ir. Ronald.A.Manusama
    Position : Procurement & Logistics Manager
    Duties & Responsibilities :
    For Procurement
    Co-Ordinating procurement activities between project group and the client’s procurement
    department. Take responsibility of overall procurement function.
    Responsible for issuing enquiries and expedite inquiry as when required.
    Take control analyze the bid tab sheet.
    Be involved in negotiating price and delivery ( depends on magnitude ).
    Ensure proper commercial protection & price and/or terms ( depends on magnitude ).
    Ensure correct PO sign off / approval after cleared the price comporationed (PC).
    Ensure accurate purchase reports.
    Input purchase order information into the materials management system.
    Maintain up to date purchase order files. Distribute corresponsdence accordingly.
    Ensuring unwanted materials – return/sell back to vendor or ship to other project.
    Issuing letter of comfort and letter of intent.
    Maintain as accurate supplierand sub contractor listing.
    Participate in quality audits and follow up on all audits auction items to closure.
    Down load data to expediting. Carry out vendor appraisals as and when required.
    Maintain proper vendor records. Maintain and grow vendor relationships.
    Identification of personnel traning needs.
    Promotion of inter department communication.
    Review systems periodically and propose / carry out enchangements.
    Agree with possible annual/volume rebate schemes with vendors.
    Compile and submit reports as required by corporate review.
    Review budjet expenditures status along with projected cost monthly.
    Attend project and management meeting when necessary. Negotiate sub contractor prices.
    Major activities in handling shipments and extensive logistics experiences.
    Familiar with clearance requirements and international shipping documentation.
    Resolve any queries from invoicing checking.
    Develop and adhere to project specific procurement/execution strategies.
    Identify and implement company corporate procurement initiatives.
    Liase with the procurement department on current/forecast procurement activities.
    In Indonesia :
    To ensure that all the adm procedures and major activities must be based on the MIGAS-
    Regulation & Policy No. 007/PTK/VI/2004 ( Pengelolaan Rantai Suplai Kontraktor-
    Kontrak Kerja Sama ). This is a regulation from the Petroleum Industry of Indonesia.
    I have to follow this policy because we must report all the procurement and purchasing
    activities to Pertamina for “Cost Recovery”. I worked in this system.

    For Logistics
    Daily movement of the materials in the warehouse, work site and assembled yard.
    Retain permanent records and documents for materials movement.
    Coordinate yard personnels to move materials and equipment in assembly yard, shop and
    load out to the operation areas, site by truck or other type of transportation.

    Coordinate receipt of material and equipment ad drill site or production site.
    Confirm all material and equipment shipped is received at destination.
    Report shipping discrepancies to project manager and management.
    Work with Logistics Scheduler and Logistics Coordinator to coordinate all movements of
    materials. Assist with rig up efford at assembly yard, drill site or production site.
    Work closely with yard personnel to preserve equipment for transport.
    Assist in directing and loading out trucks for mobilization.
    Assist in offloading trucks ar drill site or production site.
    Field trips for inspection and inventory control.
    Notes :
    Attended the Seminar from Oil & Gas Petroleum of Indonesia (MIGAS) about “Workshop”
    consist of SCM, Logistics, Procurement & Purchasing, Materials Management, Tendering,
    Inventory and Warehouse Management.
    I attended this seminar when I was working for PT.Binatek Reka Kruh in December 2006.

    Feb 1999 – July 2001
    PT. Citra Insulindo Abadi
    This is joint operation company between Local Company and China Oilfield Services Co,
    from Beijing. The major activities are : Drilling Operation (Rigs), Seismic, Well Services,
    for Oil & Gas Exploration in Indonesia.
    Position : Logistics Manager / Head of Logistics
    Duties & Responsibilities
    The Logistics Manager will supervise all Logistics functions and is responsible for the overall
    direction, coordination, and evaluation of this unit.
    Develop and manage Materials Planning and Coordination functions for goods and materials
    demanded by Company’s vessels.
    Create item specific forecast over a rolling time horizon to be used for ordering and inventory
    management purposes.
    Create integrated processes among Materials Services, Operations, Purchasing, Logistics, and
    outside suppliers to execute the planning/replenishment process.
    Identify system tools needed to inplement planning/forecasting systems.
    Lead reengineering efforts as it relates to Distribution, Stock Management, Purchasing Planning
    and execution system. Ensure materials and Logistics support is cost effective and efficient.

    Other responsible included :
    Manage and supervise staff tasked with creating materials requirement plans and/or forecasts,
    purchasing, stock management and distribution.
    Establish key performance metrics and benchmarks relating to all Supply Chain Management
    (SCM) functions.
    Measure actual performance against goals on regular basis and present results to senior manage-
    ment. Familiar with the development, use, and implementation of planning and forecasting systems.
    Familiar with oilfield materials distribution systems, planning, coordinating, and purchasing.
    Review and update materials and logistics processes and procedures as required.

    April 1997 – Aug 1998
    Marine Drilling Company
    This is Offshore Drilling Company.
    I worked for this company under the payroll of Eastbase Logistics Services from Singapore.
    This rig was docked in Dubai for maintenance and operation. This rig was repaired at Lamprell
    Shipyard in Syarjah at Dubai (Middle East). I was hired directly from Singapore office to work
    in Dubai.
    Position : Senior Materialsman (Offshore)
    Job Description
    Directs materials movement activities : receiving, storing, issuing, disposal and recovery
    of mechanical, systems, drilling, process and miscellaneous materials used in Company operations.
    Ensure all materials transactions are accurately processed using computer systems to keep a sound
    audit trail. Also responsible for physical inventory audits and reconciliation of internal storage
    facilities and stock maintenance. Provides technical and operational direction to subordinate Mate-
    rialsman and sub contractors.

    Accountable for supporting and compliance with policies, goals, efforts, and programs of company
    HSE Management System. Ensure HSE issues are given primary consideration in all activities indertaken within area of responsibility. Ensures unsafe acts and/or conditions, no matter in what area of responsibility are reported, so that corrective actions can be taken.

    Duties and Responsibilities included :
    Receiving : Responsible for ensuring Materials Receiving Process is full implemented.
    Communicates and coordinates with procurement, end user, overseas packer and vendors.
    Resolves all non conformities of materials independently.
    Recovery : Prepares surplus requests and obtains appropriate approval prior to handling
    over the materials beyond repairs, junk or surplus.
    Audits : Responsible for conducting and reconciling all internal/external in conjunction
    with Auditors. Visits vendor or contractor locations and takes special inventory checks at these facilities. Also participates with external companies and local Auditors who are conducting audits
    at the Warehouse from time to time.
    Surplus : Coordinates with surplus vendors or inspection of surplus materials as and when
    a bid is prepared and ready for disposal.
    Pipe & Chemical Yard : Ensures and is responsible for the safe storage and timely disposal
    of all hazardous and non hazardous items in conjunction with HSE and local Municipality regula-
    tions. Also, disposal of junk metal scrap and empty chemical/oil drums to contracted companies.
    Loading & Offloading : Make sure that all the receiving materials (Cargoes) are offloaded from
    the boats and were sent the warehouse. Some of the big items will be kept on the main deck for
    direct use as required. Most of the items like these are capital equipment.

    Plans and controls the proper allocation of space in the Warehouse. Assigns space for everyday
    storage of items and special allocation for project materials and vendor consignment stocks.
    Recommends relocation of Warehouse materials to the most appropriate storage areas e.g. fast moving items close to issues etc.

    Jun 1996 – Apr 1997
    Cooper’s Mechanical Oilfield Servives (CMOS).
    This is Onshore Drilling Company. Location area is in Sumatra (Indonesia).
    Position : Materials & Logistics Superintendent
    Duties & Responsibilities
    Responsible for the management of Base, Camp and Logistics Facilities at staging and rig sites.
    This will include :
    Day to day logistics support and coordination of freight transport and distribution, ensuring
    project materials are shipped in a timely manner.
    Training and continual appraisal of staff to effectively meet business requirements.
    Development and implementation of systems and processes to ensure movement and tracking of
    materials and continual improvement of logistics operation.
    Negotiate for all modes of freight logistics.
    Assist in the managing of warehouse operations and procurement.
    Participate in the development and implementation of all materials systems and sourcing processes.

    Rig maintenance and repairing areas are in Batam Island (Indonesia), and all materials will be
    Shipped/loading from this port and distributed to all locations.
    Documentation clearance will be handled by Materials & Logistics Superintendent in Batam.
    Loading and off loading materials, distribution, trucking, and controlling directly will be super
    vised by the logistics supervisor. Materials are include of : Oil, Fuel, Rig Materials and Equipment,
    Tools, Parts and other goods for rig operation. Transportation included (Air/Sea and Road ).
    The main important things are for the ASSETS, specially for import materials & equipment like
    Generator Set (GenSet), Engines, Capital Equipment for Rig Operation, Pumps, others Etc.
    Support the drilling projects with a good logistics system and handled base operation as procedure.

    Jul 1995 – May 1996
    I worked for my own and waiting for the new job for Drilling Projects or Production.

    May 1993 – Jul 1994
    PT. Montague Minika
    This is a Gold Exploration and Mining Company, based in Nabire (Irian Jaya) east of Indonesia.
    Position : Logistics Manager for Irian Jaya ( East of Indonesia Region ).
    I worked as a Logistics Manager and also the Representative for this company in Irian Jaya.
    Duties & Responsibilities
    Ensure for day to day operations and control the field personnels like Geologists, Safety Officer,
    Helper Crews, also Food stuff, Materials & Equipment for Tents.
    Radio operation will be ran in 24 hours daily and never stop, because of the operational procedures.
    Using 2 (two) units of Hughes 500 and 2 (two) units Air Planes ( Trigana DC-3 ) from Indonesia.
    The Helicopters were belonged to the company from Papua Niew Guinea and they hired Australian
    Pilots in this operation.
    The main duties are : Handling expert crews (Geologists), National crews, Food stuffs, Passport
    Clearance for the experts crews, Logistics control, Fuel for Helicopters, Clearance with local
    Government, Army for safety procedure ( in the jungle ), Head of Village and Translater for the
    Experts crews when first arriving in the locations.

    Jan 1993 – Jul 1993
    PT.Adiguna Ship Building and Engineering Co.
    This is construction company for Repairing and Build Plaforms, Jack Up Rigs, Jackets and others.
    Position : QA. Supervisor
    Job Description
    I worked only for a few months for this company. Jointed the construction team to build new
    Jackets for ARCO platforms.
    Make a treacybility reports, Check incoming materials like Beams, Angle Irons, Flat bars, Pipes,
    safety equipment, Report the activities to the operation manager and procurement department for
    all incoming materials. Make schedule to speed the deliveries of materials.
    Handled insurance and administration procedures of QA (Quality Control) by checking all the
    assurances and contract agreements of any kind of equipment. Instalation jobs and others.
    John Sidhall was one of the Mechanical Engineer (British) had teached me how to work as a QA
    Supervisor ). I never worked for this position before, but he was teaching me how to handle this
    job very carefully and I had succeed in this role and showed my capabilities in my jobs.

    Dec 1992 – May 1993
    I worked for one of the handling agent in Surabaya for Freelance job. Ensure that all the Production
    units such as : Fuel Tanks, Cruide Oil Pumps, and other Production equipment are ready for
    re-export back to Singapore ( Send back to the point of origin ).
    Prepare the re-export documents and moved those equipment out from Kodeco platform (Taurus)
    and put all those units on the barges. Ensure that all those equipment are ready to be shipped and
    settled, complete with re-export documents. I worked as a Base Operation & Adm Officer.
    After finished with this company, I worked for PT.Adiguna Shipbuilding & Engineering Co.

    Dec 1990 – Dec 1991
    Kodeco Energy Pte, Ltd.
    This is Oil & Gas Production Company. Operation areas are in East of Java. This company has
    many platforms and still exploration & exploitation.
    Position : Senior Materialsman
    I worked in Jakarta office as Asst Logistics Supervisor with position as mentioned above.
    Duties & Responsibilitiesive
    Check incoming materials/equipment from Vendors.
    Ensure that we had received the correct materials as per requested ( MR-Materials Req’n ).
    Check the paperworks : MR, Delivery Order, PO, before give your signature for approval.
    Make sure that the receipt materials are correct and ready to be shipped.
    Make a receiving report, materials transfer and put other necessary documents together and
    Ship them to the operation areas : Rig site, Platform, Other warehouse, or move to central Whs.
    Also, check the incoming materials or equipment that need to be repaired and return like :
    Electric Motors, Engines, GenSet, Pupms, Compressors and other critical items as required.

    Field trips to every locations such as : Rig site, Platforms, Base operation, and central warehouse..
    Work together with field materialsman or warehouseman to do the physical inventory at the end
    of year. Ensure that all materials, parts and equipment are inventoried and have an accurate com-
    puter data every time. Teach materialsman / warehouseman if we need to use new system.
    Ensure that all junk materials are shipped and sent to the junk areas. Empty barrels, rusty and
    Junk materials, electrical cables, slings, wire ropes, junk drilling line, etc.
    Safe all the stock items on the proper locations ( Warehouse / Metal boxes / Open yards / Con-
    tainers ) and cover all the metal materials and equipment in the yards for safety reasons and
    keep out from the rain ( X-Mas Trees / Well Heads / Cameron Valves (HD) / Special Bolts & Nuts /
    BOP / Hydril / and more other equipment that need to be covered by plastic sheets or terpauline.
    Note : Safe company equipment means safe company’s money too.

    Jul 1989 – Apr 1990
    Sonat Offshore Drilling Company
    This is a drilling contractor. The operation areas are in Surabaya ( East of Java ).
    ARCO (Atlanthic Richfield Company) used Sonat’s Drilling Rig for drill the exploration wells
    at Madura Sea. I worked for this company as a : Representative ( handled purchasing ).
    documentation clearance, administration, National and Expert crews. Stayed in Surabaya until
    finished contract with this company. Purchased materials locally or from Jakarta.
    The main duties are to ensure that all Expert’s crews and National crews are ready for crew
    change and purchased materials are ready to be shipped to rig site ( Offshore ).
    Make financial report ( Daily / Weekly and Monthly ) and send to Jakarta office for report.
    I worked together with one of the expert’s from Sonat Drilling Co – Singapore, in Surabaya.

    Sept 1987 – Jun 1989
    Nordell International Resources, Pte, Ltd.
    This is Oil & Gas Production Company. Operation areas are in South of Sumatra (Indonesia).
    Position : Warehouse Supervisor
    Nordell Int’l Resources Pte, Ltd had sold their concessions to Triton Oil & Gas Co. Most of the
    experts crews were moved to other Oil & Gas Companies.
    Duties & Responsibilities
    Ensure that the stocked materials are in good levels and inventoried. All the datas must be ran
    into the computer system. Organized the warehouse people and learn them how to to a good
    job, think about safety, keep out from the dangerous chemicals, be carefull with the flammable,
    how to put heavy equipment at the proper locations, clean the warehouse, put parts/materials/
    and equipment at the locations by categories, inventory jobs, how to posted the new incoming
    materials, where they can put all the repaired items and how to send the items for repair, etc.

    This company had two warehouses. One for Production and the other one for Drilling operation.
    We have to make sure that all Casings, Tubings, Down hole tools, and more other company’s
    Assets need to be place at the correct place and safe them from the rain (Special Equipment).

    Support the drilling project and also Production projects as well.
    Work together with all Head Departments in handling moving materials and equipment.

    Make monthly reports and at the end of year, make a physical inventory.
    Ensure that all capital equipment ( Assets ) are listed in the computer data. This is very important.
    Always make report for moving items to ensure that the inventory records are correct.
    To ensure that all inventoried items, reports are correct and ready to be sent to the main office.
    The central Warehouse job’s is to ensure that other small warehouse are keeping good parts and
    materials to support the drilling or production projects.
    Do not keep the repaired items in the warehouse for long time. Also for items that need to be re
    paired, must be sent directly to the workshop for repair and return.

    Mar 1983 – Sept 1987
    Dual Offshore Drilling Company.
    This is drilling contractor. After maintenanced, this rig moved from Chang Seng Pho ( Korea) to
    Indonesia for exploration wells at ARCO location – Java Sea. I worked in Chang Seng Pho for
    a few weeks until finished maintenanced. This rig moved to ARCO location at Java Sea (INA).
    Position : Senior Materialsman
    Job Description
    Direct materials movement activities : Receving, Storing, Issuing, Disposal & Recovery of
    mechanical, system, drilling, process and miscellaneous materials used in company operations.
    Ensures all material transactions are accurately processed using company online system to keep
    a sound audit trails. Also responsible for physical inventory audits and reconciliation of external
    and internal storage facilities and stock maintenance.
    Accountable for supporting and compliance with policies, goals , efforts and programs of the
    company HSE Management System.
    Duties and Responsibilities
    Basic functions and Scope Direct materials movement activities such as ;
    1. Receiving :
    Responsible for ensuring Materials Receiving Process is full implemented.
    Communicate and coordinates with procurement, eend user, overseas packer and vendors.
    Resolves all non conformities of material independently.
    Received materials verified against delivery ticket for correctiveness and absence of physical
    damages. Packing list/delivery note is verified for priority requirement and processed accor-
    dingly for prompt availability to enduser. Ensure physical verification based on Purchase-
    Order, Test for quality, Materials description, Part No, Model No, Size, Specification, Manu-
    facture, Materials certification, Calibration certificate, Mill Test Certificate, Excess, Storage,
    Faulty or not functioning, also verify materials is in good condition and free of visible damage.
    2. Responsible for ensuring Materials Receiving Process is full implemented.
    Communicates & coordinates with Procurement, End User, overseas packer and vendors. Etc.
    3. Issues :
    Evaluate the report in E-Solution system or C-Word systems for issues of work orders.
    Direct Materialsmen meet materials requirements dates, etc.
    Review plans and discuss with Project Materials Coordinator on required projects
    materials and equipment support for the day and pass in the information to jetty and Senior Materlasman (Pipe Yard) for arranging transportation requirements like boats, trucks, etc.
    Also coordinates with vendors on receipts and deliveries. Maintain update record of all project
    materials. Recovery : Responsible for goods return materials services – receiving, distribution
    and safe disposal of mechanical, systems, process and miscellaneous materials used in offshore
    Ensure that all activities such as – Receiving, Issuing, Transfering, Loan, Loading/Offloading
    materials, Inventory, warehouse adm, and other activities are setlled and computerized system.
    Ensure that all materials on boards are shipped and ready to be send to the project sites.
    Ensure that all inventoried items are correct and ran into the computer system.
    Coordinate with the field coordinator in handling loading and offloading materials, and
    make sure that all shipping documents are completed.
    The supervisor is consulted on major decisions and kept informed on progress of significant warehouse projects. Control in/out materials to/from the project site and report it as daily
    activities to the Project Manager, Procurement and Head of logistics base as well.
    Copies of the reports will be distributed to Opr Mngr, Procurement Mngr, Logistics, and
    Project Manager for their files.
    4. Assets : Drill pipes, Gensets, Handling tools, Engines, Pumps, Heavi-Weight D.P.,
    X-Over Subs, Stabilizers, must be listed in a separated list as assets and inventoried.
    5. All repaired items must be directly send back to the end usesr after repaired.
    6. Ensure that receiving procedures, transfer procedure, shipping procedure, loans, inven-
    tory , issuing procedure, and other documentation procedures are processed before mo-
    ving any materials or equipment to/from the project sites.

    Plan and control the proper allocation of space in the warehouse.Assigns space for everyday
    Storage of items ans special allocation of space for project materials and consignment stock.
    Recommends relocation of warehouse materials to the most appropriate storage areas as
    moving items close to issues etc.

    Apr 1982 – Apr 1983
    Reading & Bates Exploration Co.
    This is Tender Rig (Offshore). The exploration area was in Java Sea (Indonesia).
    ARCO (Atlanthic Richfield Co) was assigned as the operator and Reading and Bates Expl Co
    was he drilling contractor.
    Position : Store Keeper (Rig site)
    I have to work in this position because there is no suitable position availabled for me at that
    time. My job is to aasist the materialsman on board in handling the daily activities like what
    other store keepers did for offshore rigs.
    Receipt materials, Issued materials, loading/offloading materials (boats), Posting new items,
    Keep control of all the inventoried materials in stock, clean the warehouse and make a daily,
    weekly, and monthly reports as well. Check min/max stock of all critical items. Etc.

    Dec 1979 – Feb 1982
    Parker Drilling Company.
    This is Onshore Drilling Rig. This is Marathon Petroleum Co. exploration project for drill
    new wells. Locations were in Irian Jaya (Indonesia).
    Position : Senior Warehouseman
    Duties & Responsibilities
    To ensure efficient and cost effective management of warehouse, guaranteeing constsnt,
    optimized service in the fulfillment of projects and work orders.
    Task :
    To co-ordinate the organization of storage facilities, and to ensure their optimal positioning
    In terms of cost efficiency and geographical coverage.
    To ensure efficient and cost effective management of warehouses, guaranteeing reception,
    storage, prevention and distribution of consumable materials.
    To ensure prompt distributionof materials on request of operative work orders ofr maintenance,
    Guaranteeing the optimisation of services provided to projects.
    Ensure that materials are checked in compliance with established specifications.
    Ensure the structuring of inventory procedures regardingstored equipment and spare parts and updating procedures.
    To ensure correct taking of inventories and the notification of obsolete spare parts or materials
    for elimination.
    Ensure that samples by checking at least 2 % of coded goods in loading are taken.
    Ensure that samples to check the correctness of handling operations are taken.
    To locate warehouse stocks subject to slow handling, obsolescene and/or excess of
    normal requirements.
    To organize the warehouse,checking that the company procedures are implemented correctly
    And ensuring training of warehouse personnel as regards accounting and IT procedures.
    To identify and pre-arrange materials storage sites, and to co ordinate the physical deposting
    of spare parts and materials.
    To guarantee / carry out audits / inspections in the stores in accordance with the company

    Task for Warehouseman :
    Maintain spare parts & sufficient stock level.
    Checking all manifested equipment for operator has been offloaded or back loaded.
    Liaising with senior Tool Pusher/Operator regarding shipping movements.
    Informing logistics & Procurement Manager of any items to be ordered.
    Keeping accurate records of spares withdrawn from store.
    Maintaining the operations store in an organized & structured layout.
    Responsible for the receipt & issue of goods to/from the main store & recording of all stock
    Efficiently deliver orders placed by rig, while working along side the warehouse supervisor.
    Ensure back load is properly labeled & manifested.
    Produce shipping instructions for supply boat or helicopter manifest in compliance with
    Dangerous goods & other statutory requirements.
    Compiling a concise handover book for the relief at crew change.

    Jun 1974 – Jan 1978
    Robray Drilling Company.
    This is Onshore Drilling Company. Petromer Trend Corporation used this rig for drilling
    exploration wells in Sorong – Irian Jaya (Indonesia).
    Position : Senior Materialsman
    My duties & Responsibilities are :
    Worked as a Senior Materialsman and Base Logistics Coordinator because the main warehouse
    was far away from the Drilling Project Side. All the materials were offloaded from the port at
    Sorong and shipped again to rig side if they are direct charged items or critical items that the
    rig is waiting for it. To ensure that all the necessary documents ( Packing list, Proforma Invoive,
    copies of other support documents ) are in one complete set before checking the incoming mate-
    rials. To ensure that materials receipt are correct, in good condition, and ready to be loaded on
    the truck and send to the warehouse or directly send them to the rig site by chopper if the rig is
    waiting for those parts/materials or equipment. All the incoming materials need to be checked
    by custom before sending them to the warehouse or directly to the project site / rig site.
    I have learned many about the warehouse system, materials handling procedures, documentation
    clearance, base operation project and coordination with the port personnels, customs, local co’s,
    vendors, government people, safety officers, port master and other local department companies
    when I have to clear the paperworks and documents for moving out from the vessels or port whs
    after clearance procedured. To ensure that all the materials can be directly processed and move
    out from the port warehouse to our central warehouse in town (Sorong).
    After all the materials are arrived in the warehouse, than we will go to the next process suach as
    Prepare and get all the necessary documents as mentioned before and start checking those mate-
    rials one by one until all complete. Taged all the materials and put them on the right locations by
    categories, bins, rows, locations and shelves. For safety procedures, we have to put all the heavy
    stuffs on the floor. Big equipment will be placed at the yards and covered them with plastic or
    terpauline to keep them away from rains ( rusty). BOP, Hydrill, Well Heads, Cameron Valves,
    Big Electric Motors, Pumps and other capital equipment.
    These items need to be inventoried and listed as capital items and run into the computer for data
    base. All the assets must be inventoried and safe into the computer.
    To ensure that all receipt materials are checked and reported to the Procurement, Opr Manager,
    Logistics, and Materials Manager. Check the MR (Materials Req’n) if there are purchased
    materials that need to be sent directly to rig site or any other locations as required.
    Communication between Rig site – Warehouse – Procurement – in handling materials, started from
    MR process until arrived at the rig store must be completed and reported.

    All datas in the warehouse, even at the opened yards must be run into the computer and safed.
    The accurately data are one of the system that we should have to build a good warehouse and inven-
    tory system from day to day, because by using a good system in handling materials, even drilling
    project activities, we always need a better system and learn the warehouse people to work safely
    and follow the rules.

    Industry School Attended

    1. I.C.S (International Correspondence School) from Singapore – by booklets.
    I took this program in 1986. This program consist of : SCM, Materials Management, Logistics
    Management, Procurement & Purchasing, Warehouse Management and Cost Control in hand-
    ling Materials for Oilfield Industry.
    2. Safety Courses : Safety Training Observation Program (STOP), Helicopter Under Water Es-
    cape Training and Survival, Satisfactory Completion of Offshore Drilling Safety Training.
    I have certificates for the above trainings (Offshore Drilling Co).
    3. Seminar (Course) : “ Workshop”.
    This is a seminar for SCM, Logistics Management, Procurement, Materials Management, Whs,
    Logistics, Cost Control and Inventory System, Vendor Survey, Tendering, WP & Budjet.
    I attended this course in 2006. From MIGAS ( Oil & Gas Petroleum Co of Indonesia ).
    4. Trainer for the Oilfield workers ( Warehousemen / Materialsmen / Supervisors & Coordinator ).

    S u m m a r y

    Objective :
    To obtain a position where my extensive technical and managerial experiences can be put to work
    to contribute to the long term goals of a leading company in the exploration, Oil & Gas Industry.

    Profile :
    I had spent my time in the oilfield services for more than 30 years ( International experiences ).
    Attended training, courses, seminar and other technical experiences in Oil Industry sectors.
    Other experiences and qualifications that I can give to support the Oil & Gas Co’s & Drilling
    Companies are – working as a professional hand in handling materials and other activities by
    showing my capabilities, duties and responsibilities for future companies.

    The writer is familiar with hundreds of different pieces of materials and equipment necessary
    to keep a drilling rig operational in the field.

    He is qualified to work as a Drilling Project Materials Manager / Warehouse Manager, Logistics
    Supervisor, Procurement & Purchasing, and management program for Drilling operation and
    Production services. Write technical and other materials handling program, prepare and analyze
    both bids and tenders and perform in the capacity of Supervisor or Manager as required.

    Computer Literacy

    The writer is able to work with : Lap Top / Digitek Note Book computer and portable com-
    puter as well, and familiar with Windows, Microsoft Office, Word Perfect, MS Project,
    MS Excel, SAP ( For Supply Chain Management, Procurement & Logistics ) for Onshore and
    Offshore operation and data base.

    My Skills

    I can work with PC Computer and Digitek Note Book for writing any programs.
    Procurement & Purchasing, Materials Control & Logistics, Warehouse Jobs for Oilfield services.

    Also, I work well underpressure – I work well as part of a team – I can carry orders out effectively
    and I find it easy to get on with people.


    1. Documentation procedures for Offshore and Onshore Materialsmen.
    2. Warehouse procedures for Offshore and Onshore Materialsmen / Warehousemen.
    3. SCM, Procurement & Logistics documentations procedures.

    Qualified in these positions

    1. Drilling Project Materials Manager / Warehouse Manager
    2. Procurement & Logistics Manager
    3. Logistics Supt / Supv
    4. Materials Mngr / Superintendent
    5. Base Operation Logistics Superintendent
    6. Senior Materialsman / Senior Warehouseman.

    I understand that my misrepresentation or omission of fact by me weather oral or written and
    pertaining to the above informations sufficient cause for the company at any time to my appli-
    cation or terminate my employment.

    Jakarta (Indonesia), 29 September 2010

    Bram Lewerissa

  5. Falahuddin,Lubis

    Dear Sir,

    Referring to Your E-mil to day, I would like to apply my application as according to my experience during the time. ( Logistic activities or Inventory control in Warehouse management ) and I hope to get response which are positive.

    For your consideration hire I attached my Curriculum Vitae
    I am waiting for interview.

    Your attention and response is highly appreciated

    Indramayu Project; 31 Jun 2010

    Yours very truly


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