6 Positions IMIDAP UNDP

Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources in collaboration program with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Indonesia are looking for suitable nationals professionals to fill in the following positions for the Integrated Microhydro Development and Application Programme (IMIDAP):

  1. Team Leader for Microhydro Support and Application Programme (8694)
  2. Expert for Microhydro Productive Uses (8696)
  3. Expert for Microhydro Policy and Energy Pricing (8698)
  4. Expert for Microhydro Technical Support and Applications (8700)
  5. Administrative Assistant (8701)
  6. Consultant for Annual Report Formulation (8703)

For further detailed information on application and complete Terms of Reference, please visit http://www.undp.or.id/jobs
Interested and qualified candidates are encourage to apply online through the website or e-mail to: imidap_program@yahoo.com

The application could also send to the following address:

Integrated Microhydro Development and Application Program (IMIDAP)
Jl. H.R. Rasauna Said Blok X-2, kav. 07-08,
Kuningan, Jakarta 12950
Attn: National Project Director (NPD)
Deadline: 28th February 2009

One Reply to “6 Positions IMIDAP UNDP”

  1. Agung Nugroho

    To : Recruitment Manager


    I have seen that your organization is the leading Company , so I would apply for the job.

    My Name is AGUNG NUGROHO, I’ve graduate from D3 Politeknik PRATAMA MULIA SURAKARTA as A. Md in Mechanical Engineering in 2005. I have good spirit and able to work with under preasure.

    I’m confident that my skill and experience able to get a position as your employee in your organization. I’m grateful if you consider for my application and I’m look forward for the test or Interview.

    Best Regards,


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