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Cowater International, a Canadian management consulting firm specializing in international development and is the implementing agency for the CIDA-funded project Better Approaches to Service Provision through Increased Capacities in Sulawesi (BASICS). BASICS strives to link planning and budgeting processes leading to improved MDGs/MSS-based social services provision in selected districts/ cities in Sulawesi. As one of two major components of the project, the BASICS Responsive Initiative (BRI) provides financial and technical support to districts/ cities to improve MSS a MDG based services in health and education. We are currently recruiting for two full time positions, both based in Makassar, Sulawesi:

BRI Coordinator

Key responsibilities:

  • responsibility for overall coordination and implementation of the BRI;
  • work with the BASICS team to ensure adherence to all, BRI operating procedures with particular emphasis on effective procurement and timely financial reporting;
  • provide technical and administrative guidance to the BASICS Team to maximize the effectiveness of BRI activities;
  • develop tools for BRI implementation, monitoring and evaluation such as procedures, guidelines, forms or reporting templates, etc.
  • provide technical and administrative guidance to the Provincial Coordinators to facilitate work with the respective provincial governments and committees involved in BRI implementation and coordination;
  • Desired Key Qualifications:
  • Masters degree in a related field. Minimum 10 years relevant working experience; Strong Program / project management and coordination skills and experience including the ability to prioritize and program activities, write work plans and guidelines, manage project finances, identify and communicate key implementat4on issues as activities unfold, work effectively with team members, etc.;
  • Experience and understanding of locat government operations (province, city, district) especially as related to planning and budgeting as weir as management and delivery of pu btic services. Particular experience of health and education services will be advantageously considered;
  • Experience of Province District/city inter governmental relations issues (oversight of province over district/ cities, provincial coordination of MSS in the whole province, etc.);
  • Strong written and oral communication skills. Knowledge of English will be advantageously considered;

District Planning & Finance Advisor

Key responsibilities:

  • provide overall guidance to ensure the various activities and materials related to planning, budgeting, and management of health and education services for the three key project stakeholder groups (executive, civil society and DPRD) are coherent and synergize to achieve targeted project results;
  • produce reference materials and guidelines in his/her area of expertise to guide the BASICS team of District Facilitators (DIFS), Provincial Coordinators (PCs) and other team members in delivering the BASICS capacity development activities with provincial and district/city counterparts. This includes knowledge building and work place application approaches leading to institutional sustainability;
  • provide guidance to the BASICS team of District Facilitators and Provincial Coordinators in their role of facilitation to the district/city and provincial counterparts through support and follow up to ensure the achievement of project results;
  • provide guidance to the Provincial Coordinators in the support to provincial government counterparts relating to the oversight, monitoring and technical assistance by provincial governments to districts /cities;
  • monitor the progress of activities in his/her area of responsibility, identify measures and propose solutions to support the team of DFs and PCs in achieving targeted results;
  • provide input and advice to support the Project’s Knowledge Management Strategy.

Desired Key Qualifications

  • Masters degree in public administration, management, political sciences or other relevant disciplines;
  • Minimum 10 years relevant experience working in governance issues ideally related to district, city and provincial governments issues
  • Experience in capacity development interventions with government, particularly regional governments (district, city and provincial)
  • Knowledge of national government policies and inter-governmental, relations related to regional government operations
  • Good overall communications skills and excellent writing skills and ability to structure written documents, project materials, etc.
  • Particular experience with planning and budgeting, MDGs, Minimum Service Standards, local service delivery issues in the health and education sectors is considered an additional asset
  • Experience in international donor programs and their associated frameworks of results based management, reporting requirements, applying cross-cutting themes such as gender equality, anti-corruption, etc.
  • Proficiency in written and oral English considered an additional asset

Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest highlighting relevant qualifications and C.V. via email with reference to the position of interest in the subject line, to All applications are appreciated, but only suitably qualified candidates wilt be contacted.

The closing, date for applications is November 21, 2010. These positions are for Indonesian nationals.

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