Communications Specialist PNPM Technical Assistant


The PNPM Communications Specialist will assist Tim Pengendali to prepare an effective communications strategy whose primary purpose is to provide concise, accurate information to PNPM stakeholders. The specialist will work closely with Menko InfoKom, which is the affiliated agency in government that supports PNPM. Particular tasks for the communications specialist include but are not limited to:

  • Liaise with various stakeholders regarding the communication needs of PNPM for various target audiences.
  • Design a comprehensive communications/PR strategy for PNPM, especially targeted to external audiences such as the Indonesian press, other government ministries, senior government officials, and the Indonesian general public.
  • Prepare and coordinate a communications strategy to for local governments and DPRDs;
  • Execute the communications/PR strategy.
  • Liaise with production and design firms to produce socialization materials, and oversee the quality of their work;
  • Prepare and disseminate high quality PR and briefing materials for external audiences. Ensure that these materials are clear, easy to understand, and targeted appropriately towards specific audiences. Outreach media channels include: television; radio, print material; newspaper and magazines; project newsletters; websites; and field visits.
  • Ensure that communication materials are shared and coordinated with other parties working on PNPM socialization and outreach. This includes: Menkokesra; the line agency socialization officers; relevant donors; PNPM cooperating partners in civil society; and local governments;
  • Arrange visits for senior officials to PNPM field sites. Prepare logistics, press coverage, and briefing materials;
  • Share best practices and promote information exchanges across PNPM programs;
  • Identify and commission selected independent surveys, focus groups and
  • other such mechanisms to provide Tim Pengendali with information on popular perceptions of PNPM and areas requiring improvement;
  • Brief Tim Pengendali on the quality of PNPM feedback to stakeholders through its existing mechanisms such as program complaints handling units, letters received, and other mechanisms used to voice concerns;
  • Other duties and tasks as specified by the Tim Pengendali or the Technical Secretariat

Expected outputs for the communication specialist are:

  • Communications/PR strategy for PNPM;
  • A minimum of three field visits for senior Government, donor, and Indonesian journalist staff to PNPM sites, along with briefing packages.
  • A minimum of six stories written and published in local Indonesian press regarding PNPM.
  • Video materials on PNPM to be used for PR purposes, conferences, and briefings.

The position requires the following qualifications and attributes:

  • At least an S2 in communications, social sciences, or equivalent work experience.
  • Excellent writing and communication skills with the ability to prepare short, concise, user-friendly information materials.
  • Background in PR, journalism, communications, or advertising is highly desirable
  • Solid understanding of poverty and development issues. Direct experience working in community development projects with health and education focus is highly desirable.
  • Fluency in English.
  • Results oriented and focused.
  • Strong attention to detail and to maintaining a high quality standard.
  • Self-starter and takes initiative.

To be considered please send the application letter with a resume to by typing Post Number in the email subject line. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.

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