Educators Sekolah Sugar Group

Sekolah Sugar Group is an Indonesian-roofed school located in the site of Sugar Group Companies – Lampung. Our educational services range from Kindergarten up to Secondary – High School.

Currently we are seeking

EDUCATORS to fill the following vacancies

  1. Kindergarten teachers
  2. Primary-School-Classroom teachers
  3. Geography teachers
  4. Economics/Accounting teachers
  5. Humanities/Philosophy teachers
  6. Mathematics teachers
  7. English teachers
  8. Bahasa Indonesia teachers
  9. Physics teachersBiology teachers
  10. Physical & Health Education teachers
  11. Visual Art/Handicraft teachers
  12. School Counselors
  13. Drum Corp Instructors (Horn-Line, Percussion-Line, Guard-Line)

We offer the benefits as followed

  1. Fully-furnished accommodation.
  2. On-site medical coverage.
  3. Continuous development program.

Complete the application form available, at and send it within your recent photograph to by 10 May 2010 at the latest.

5 Replies to “Educators Sekolah Sugar Group”

  1. Triana Siregar

    I would to apply for position kindergarten teachers as my experience now. I am still working in Noah Early Childhood Center (NECC) as Preschool teacher for three years and i have my own english course in NECC.

    I will complete my applicaton letter as you needed.

    I am looking forward for any further information for my apply job letter to you

    Best regards
    Triana Siregar

  2. Yohanes Januari

    After searching through internet, then I find what I need now. I am so pleased to apply for being an English teacher at your foundation. I support my life by such an activity. Dedicating my life in teaching has upgraded my knowledge. I am now teaching English at Harcourt International Jakarta. I am willing to have a new experience makes me apply the job at your foundation. My resume will be attached as soon as you will have responded to this application.

    I am looking forward to getting a confirmation from you.

    Faithfully yours

    Yohanes Januari, S.Pd.

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