English Trainer & Translator Teleconsult International

TELECONSULT is a wholly owned Group of Companies, which provides specialist Info Communications Technology (ICT) / Telecommunications, Consultancy, Learning and Development (Face to Face—F2F and eLearning), Technical Assistance and Project Management services, covering a geographical area encompassing the Middle East, South and South East Asia and the Pacific Rim countries.

English Trainer & Translator


  • Candidate must possess at least a Associate Degree in Engineering (Civil), Engineering (Mechatronic/Electromechanical), Engineering (Computer/Telecommunication), Engineering (Environmental/Health/Safety), Education/Teaching/Training or equivalent.
  • At least 2 years of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Preferably Senior Staffs specializing in Education or equivalent.
  • Applicants should be Indonesian citizens or hold relevant residence status.
  • TOEFL: min 550
  • Able to translate in English

If you meet the above requirements, please send detailed resume and recent photograph to: dinah.maulina@teleconsult.co.id

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  2. Melina Heri Indarwati

    It’s already April 7th 2009, and I just got the email about this vacancy. Can I submit my resume now?
    Thank you and pls reply

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