Material Management Staging Supervisor ConocoPhillips


Material Management Staging Supervisor


  • Report to Material management manager as leader in managing all staging/receiving area for both Onshore/Offshore operation
  • Manage all staging area (Batam & Jakarta) activities including not limited to facilities, people, equipments are operated in safe, effective and efficient manner , comply with government /company/industrial standard / regulations.
  • Cultivate positive team culture by referring to Company value and Material management vision & mission
  • Manage staging area performance to meet department KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Plan on budget and resources required to ensure smooth operation in staging area
  • Act as leader in providing direction and leadership in all aspect (HSE, organization excellence & operation)
  • Responsible to implement HSE program within Staging Area
  • Responsible on ensuring good communication both with internal (operation/drilling partners, finance team, corporate auditors, etc) and external parties (BPMIGAS, ESDM, etc)


  • Accountable for the HSE performance and always reinforce all warehouse personnel to meet the company core value, HSE policy, standards and procedures
  • Responsible to support the field emergency command center teams as logistic support.
  • Ensures compliance to corporate safety standards by conducting regular safety inspection tours, audits/assessment and delivering CLEAR expectation .
  • Show visible leadership and responsibility on HSE in day to day activity
  • Responsible for ensuring that work is carried out according to applicable material management policy and codes of practice and complies with all aspects of the company safety and environmental policy.
  • Accountable to waste management implementation is implemented according to COPI and Government regulations.
  • Report any incident and take necessary action as per COPI s incident reporting requirement
  • Pro-actively promote the usage of risk assessment technique to all personal for identification the potential problems, and prevent the incidents.


  • Sets aggressive goals and measurable standards of excellence to all warehouse leaders and personnel.
  • Plan, develop and responsible for managing budgets (both capex & opex) for the staging/receiving warehouses to support material management goals in delivering results while maintaining safe operation and cost effective
  • Deliver excellence communication with other function both internal & external parties, such as not limited to Drilling/operation, engineering, project, Logistic, BPMIGAS, ESDM, BPKP and other related parties.
  • Communicate effectively to ensure good coordination between team leaders of staging & receiving and their personnel.
  • Assemble and expanding network both internal & external COPI
  • Coordinate on future operation plan with the operation/drilling/projects/ others and coordinates efforts with them in related with material management and availability to support high reliability of the asset performance.
  • Develop strategic work plan with staging & receiving team leaders to ensure smooth operation on staging/receiving area
  • Provides direction to group accountability related to staging & receiving work plan activities
  • Act as leader to all staging & receiving warehouses to deliver and ensure excellence performance that meet/exceed department s key performance indicator (KPI).
  • Analyze, advise and recommend changes/improvement to procedures to increase effectiveness of staging & receiving operations
  • Champions change aligned with the business strategy and responsive to the changing needs of stakeholders
  • Ensure implementation & compliance of waste management is carried out in staging operation
  • Performs other duties as assigned by supervisor.


  • Responsible & accountable to ensure material management s vision/mission are conveyed, shared & implemented to all warehouse leaders & personnel under his authority as part of building team culture
  • Involve and active participate on:
    • maintaining good work environment
    • warehouse staff mentoring
    • warehouse staff /leaders feedback session
  • Maintain positive teamwork with other material management leaders & personnel and deliver “Can do” spirit on delivering top performance.
  • Maintain smooth communication with other dept
  • Responsible on people empowerment including prioritizing time & resources including foster accountability, managing conflict, on the job development
  • Managing & monitoring team goals
  • Responsible and accountable to ensure all personnel under his/her supervisory have goals as part of company/dept/team goals
  • Responsible for development of his/her people including not limited to training plan, IDP implementation, etc for their continues improvement
  • Plan, Organizes, disposes and control of manpower, equipment and facilities assigned to the warehouses under his authority
  • Responsible on ensuring goal and job performance of all employees are monitored and improved
  • Accountable on ensuring performance review are being implemented


  • S1/S2 Industrial Engineering or equivalent / Management Degree
  • Having min 5 years or more work experience in vast warehouse management operation
  • Able to work on varied and complex processes & problems on broad range of activities in work group
  • Excellent leadership skill to lead multi discipline team and to coordinate work with other department such as HSE, Maintenance, Field Operation, Administration and Jakarta Supports Organization
  • Having good knowledge in warehouse & material plan strategy to meet/ exceed most efficient warehouse at optimum cost
  • Understand fundamental of teamwork, be able to handle conflict management, and use diversity of a team effectively.
  • Ability to mentor, provide consulting/advisory, and led the team for trouble shooting.
  • Ability to provide guidance to less experienced employee on complex procedures, processes including with other work group as required
  • Rely less on supervision
  • Speak and write good English as well as able to work and live with multinational environment
  • Excellent communication and inter personnel skill to effectively interface with field production operation personnel, multidiscipline department and other supporting department
  • Having knowledge of government regulation/legislation on safety, environmental issues, asset management
  • Excellence knowledgeable in asset and Operations integrity management system
  • Excellence Knowledgeable in budget process and cost control

Only those individuals who fully meet the above requirements need apply.

Write down THE POSITION TITLE you apply in the subject of your email not later than September 2nd 2010 to:

4 Replies to “Material Management Staging Supervisor ConocoPhillips”

  1. tandi


    Yth,bapak Pimpinan,

    up. Personalia Manager

    Dengan hormat,
    Nama : tandi lullu saelan. st
    Ttl : toraja, 06-05-1979
    Agama : Islam
    Lulusan : S1. Teknik Arsitektur, univ tarumanagara, jakarta
    Alamat : Jl.gajah mada no.1 rt.41 bontang kal-tim
    No hp : 081254131667 (0548) 22967

    Dengan hormat perkenankan saya untuk mengajukan lamaran kerja di perusahaan ini.

    Agar sudi kiranya dapat jadi pertimbangan dan dapat menerima saya sebagai salah satu karyawan
    pada perusahaan yang bapak pimpin apa aja yang saya dapat bisa lakukan di perusahaan ini, saya tamatan S1 T.arsitektur dan pernah bekerja di bidangnya sebagai supervisor arsitektur & sipil dan bidang lainnya,saya sangat senang bekerja itu mementingkan kualitas dan estetika demi penghematan biaya ,untuk itu mungkin dengan adanya komitmen kerja saya , bapak bisa mempertimbangkan permohonan kerja saya ini .

    Adapun dasar pertimbangan yang saya ajukan sebagai berikut :

    1.Ijasa terakhir : S1 teknik arsitektur 2004
    2.Pengalamankerja : di aceh., pembuatan rumah tahan gempa 500 unit dan jalan 6 km sebagai supervisor arsitektur,selama 2 tahun dan proyek lainnya.

    Demikian surat permohonan lamaran kerja saya ini saya buat agar sudi kiranya bapak dapat mempertimbangkannya,
    Besar keinginan saya dapat bergabung di perusahaan yang bapak pimpin,dan saya siap di tempatkan dimana saja,
    sabelum dan sesudahnya saya ucapkan banyak terima kasih.

    Hormat saya

    tandi lullu saelan ST

  2. Mitra Maulana Sanjaya

    Mitra Maulana Sanjaya,
    Morethan twenty six Years Total Experiences in oil & Gas,Petrochemical Offshore/Onshore Project Management.
    1.McDermott Indonesia 1980 to 1990 as Senior Material
    2.Gunanuasa Utama 199o to 1992 as Piping?instrument
    3.Gema Sembrown 1992 to 1994 as Field Engineer
    4.Nippon Steel Batam 1995 to 1996 as Material Inspector
    5.Truba Jurong Eng 1997 to 1997 as Material Engineer
    6.Stolt Offshore 1997 to 2006 as Logistic cordinator
    7.MMH Eng Malysia 2006 to 2009 as Material Inspector

  3. R U D Y

    Ths… now i am lookingfor job Logistic Supv but i steel job in Pekanbaru Riau-Indonesia Siak Pertambangan & Energi my Posision Logistic Supv

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