President Director Provincial Government Company

Jayapura based company, owned by the Provincial Government of Papua invites Indonesia’s finest talents to fill in two positions in the Board of Directors:

President Director and Financial & Operational Director

General Requirements:

  • Indonesian citizen;
  • Have extensive experience in leading a team or company that specializes in portfolio management;
  • Posses special set of skills, sense of leadership, honesty, professionalism, integrity and highly dedicated to support and develop the well being of the company
  • Have never been filed for bankruptcy; or undergoing the role as Director, Commissioner, or Supervisory Board of a private company, BUMD, or Perum that has filed for bankruptcy or causing one to file for bankruptcy within the last 5 years; and
  • Have never been sentenced guilty for criminal conduct that caused the state / province / company to experience financial loss.
  • Have a good capability in spoken and written English.

The main duties of the Board of Directors are:

  • Lead and control all of the company’s activities.
  • Construct and present a proposal that describes vision, mission and the company’s strategy.
  • Prepare a long-term strategic plan that covers the company’s goal and target for 10 years.
  • Prepare a long-term plan, and along with commissioners present it in the shareholders general meeting for a legal approval.
  • Prepare a working scheme and company budget that describes the company’s annual activities stated in the long-term plan, and then present it to the shareholders for an approval.
  • Construct annual report that consists working plan, budget report, and profit and loss statement, and along with the Directors and Commissioners present it to the shareholders for approval.
  • Develop employees.
  • Manage and operate the company’s wealth/assets.
  • Conduct administration activities, create and maintain minutes of meeting, construct the company’s book keeping according to the prevailing accounting principle in Indonesia.
  • Deliver periodical reports for the Board of Commissioner
  • Represent the company in and out of trial

Please send your application, CV, copy of certificate(s) and recent photograph

Before May 1, 2009 to:
PO BOX 1698 AP 10016

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  1. Maryati Salmiah Muhammad

    I’m a nurse, I need job as a staff nurse,I has experience in Goverment Hospital in Kuwait for 5 yrs,in Goverment Hospital Saudi Arabia for 3 yrs,now im in Indonesia alredy,so I really need job.

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