Safety Supervisor PT Alun

Renault Trucks


Vacancy for Top end Industry Professional

The PT. Alan Group specializes in the sales and service of Renault Trucks in Indonesia. Its business encompasses a wide spectrum of industry needs from small to heavy duty trucks in various configurations and train weights. As further expansion for its business in Indonesia, the rental arm of PT Alun, requires top end industry professional to complete its management learn

  • Safety Supervisor (SFSV)
  • Safety Officer (SFOF)
  • Technical Support Officer (TCSF)

The incumbent should have Engineering or K3 degree in related field. English speaking and possess the willingness to be based in site (SFSV, SFOF), fresh graduated are encourage to apply & will be located in Jakarta (TCSF), He should be keen to assume supervisory and management roles to lead a team of junior supervisors, foreman & mechanics (SFSV), Committed professional will be given opportunities in site management and will be pursuing a new career in transport and logistics mainly serving the mining industry

Interested professionals, please send your complete CV and application to:

PT Alun
PT Dwimakmur Primatamas
Human Resources Division
Jl. Prof. Dr. Supomo, SH No.233, Jakarta 12870 or email

3 Replies to “Safety Supervisor PT Alun”

  1. denis suhandi

    Selamat pagi Bapak/Ibu

    Setelah saya membaca lowongan di PT. Alun
    Saya : denis suhandi
    Pendidikan : diploma 2 automotive LP3I
    Pengalaman : magang di AUTO 2000
    magang di Mobil 88
    dan pernah bekerja di blue bierd slma 4 bln
    No Tlp : 021. 92967371
    : 087877961099

    terimah kasih Bapak/Ibu

  2. muhamad syahri

    tolong kerjasamannya kalau ada lowongan kerja…
    bisa meng hub saya lewat no telp 085640197317.
    nama : muhamad syahri
    umur : 19tahun
    pndidikan : smk (otomotif)
    pengalan : pkl di PT. ALUN RENAULT TRUKS
    jakarta timur.

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