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3M is recognized as one of the most admired multinational company in the world that continuously brings innovation to people around the globe.

In Indonesia, 3M has been serving customers since almost 35 years ago. Due to business expansion, right now 3M Indonesia is looking for many bright, creative and innovative talents to grow the business together, inventing new breakthrough products / business processes and continuously provides solutions to people.
Be part of our Growing Team through the following positions:

Industrial & Transportation

  • Sales Engineer – Industrial Tapes & Adhesives Division – Semarang (SLS-IATD SMG) Sales Representative – Automotive Aftermarket Division – Surabaya (SLS-AAD SBY) Sales Engineer – Purification/ Filtration (SLS- CUNO)
  • Marketing Professional – Energy Advance & Material (MKT-EAM)
  • Marketing Professional – Purification (MKT-CUNO)
  • Sales Engineer – Industrial Tapes & Adhesives Division (SLS-IATD)
  • Sales Engineer –Abrasive System Division (SLS-ASD)

Electrical & Communication – Display & Graphics

  • Marketing – Electrical Market Division (MKT-EMD)
  • Sales Engineer – Electrical Market Division – Balikpapan (SLS-EMD BPN)
  • Electrical Market Division Head (DH-EMD)

Consumer & Office

  • Marketing Professional – Consumer Health Care Products/Nextcare (MKT-CHC)
  • Sales Representative    Consumer Health Care Products/Nextcare (SLS-CHC)


  • Sourcing Engineer (SE)
  • Inventory Planner (IP)
  • Key Account Customer Service Representative (CSR)
  • Executive Secretary (EXE-SEC)
  • Customer Service & Distribution Head (CSDH)
  • Account Receivable Section Head (AR)

Health Care

  • Marketing Professional – Skin Wound Care (MKT-SWC)
  • Technical Service Engineer – Hospital Information System (TECH-HIS)
  • Marketing Professional – Food Processing Safety & Medical Specialties (MKT-FPS)

Safety Security & Protection Services

  • Sales Engineer – Occupational Health & Environmental Safety – Balikpapan (SLS-OH&ES BPN)
  • Sales Engineer – Mining Division – Banjarmasin (SLS-MINE BJR)
  • Sales Representative – Safety Window Film (SLS-SWF)
  • Product Support Engineer – Occupational Health & Environmental Safety – (PSE OH&ES)
  • Product Support Engineer – Mining Division – (PSE MINE)
  • Marketing Professional – Occupational Health & Environmental Safety (MKT-OH&ES) Marketing Professional – Architecture Market Division (MKT-AMD)
  • Sales Engineer – Occupational Health & Environmental Safety (SLS-OH&ES)
  • Sales Engineer – Corrosion Protection Products (SLS-CPP)
  • Sales Engineer – Building & Construction Services Division (SLS-B&CSD)


  • Process Engineer (PE)
  • Production Engineer (PROD)
  • Quality Assurance Engineer (QA)
  • Environmental Health & Safety Engineer (EHS)

For more detail information, hiring process, procedure and other job opportunities. Please visit us at:

Only short-listed candidates with highest qualification will be invited for further process.

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  2. Mochamad Utomo

    Semarang, 18 Agustus 2010

    Kepada Yth :
    Bapak Direktur
    3 M Indonesia

    Dengan alamat :

    Dengan hormat,

    Membaca advertensi Bapak di situs tentang kebutuhan Sales Engineer – Industrial Tapes & Adhesives Division – Semarang (SLS-IATD SMG) Sales Representative tertanggal 1 Agustus 2010, maka apabila masih ada lowongan untuk cabang Semarang, bersama ini saya mengajukan lamaran untuk posisi tersebut.

    Besar harapan saya untuk dapat bekerja di 3M Indonesia dan sebagai bahan pertimbangan terlampir personal profile saya.

    Demikian, atas perhatian dan perkenan Bapak, saya haturkan terima kasih.

    Hormat saya,

    Mochamad Utomo


    Nama : Mochamad Utomo
    Alamat : Jl. Taman Suryo Kusumo IV No. 58
    Tlogosari – Semarang 50181
    Telepon : 024 – 6701952, mobile : 088210804713
    Email :
    Tempat, tanggal lahir : Malang, 21 Agustus 1964
    Status Perkawinan : Menikah

    I. Pendidikan
    Tehnik Elektronika IKIP Jakarta 1988

    II. Pengalaman
    – 1988 – 2001, PT. PANSYSTEMS (Komputer dan Tehnologi Informasi) Cabang Semarang, Keterangan :
    – 1988 – 1993, Engineer
    – 1993 – 1994, System Analist
    – 1994 – 2001, Marketing. Keterangan :
    – Komputerisasi pajak kendaraan bermotor se Jawa Tengah
    – Komputerisasi pajak pajak Daerah seluruh Kabupaten & Kota di Jawa Tengah.

    – 1996 – 2003, CV. Argata Utama (Komputer dan Tehnologi Informasi), Keterangan :
    – Komputerisasi Pajak Kendaraan bermotor di Irian Jaya dan NTT.
    – Vendor Suplies untuk komputerisasi pajak-pajak di Kabupaten dan Kota se Jawa Tengah.
    – Komputerisasi KTP di Kabupaten Semarang.
    – Komputerisasi Sistem Keuangan Daerah di Kabupaten Pati.
    – dll.

    – 1997 – 2003, PT. Argata Reksa (Komputer dan Tehnologi Informasi), Pemilik. Keterangan
    – Komputerisasi Sistem Informasi Rumah Sakit Roemani, Semarang.
    – Komputerisasi Sistem Informasi Rumah Sakit Islam, Jakarta (Cempaka Putih)
    – Komputerisasi Sistem Informasi Rumah Sakit Dr. Moewardi, Surakarta,
    – dll

    – 2003 PT. BATAVIA FUTURE (Perdagangan Valas), Trader.

    Mochamad Utomo

  3. Riza Girilaksana

    Hai ,my name Riza GIrilaksana.I graduate from civil engeneering.Id like joint with 3M be sourcing engineer (SE).I can work with team.My experince work with consultant 2 years

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