Senior Adviser Government Relations Bank Dunia

Job Title : Senior Adviser Government Relations
Reporting to : Program Manager
Dept/Div : EASIS
Grade : C2/C3
Appt Type : Short Term Consultant (max. 150 days in a year)
Closing date : 29 December 2008
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
Appointment : Local Hire

The East Asia Sustainable Development (EASIS) Unit of the World Bank wishes to employ a Senior Adviser – Decentralisation to support the work of the Decentralization Support Facility (DSF), a Multi-Donor Trust Fund Program, based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

With a view to creating a broad-based democratic framework for national governance and improving basic service delivery to citizens, in 1999 the Government of Indonesia (GOI) launched a major program of government decentralisation. Rapid acceleration of the program commenced in 2001 with sweeping legislative and administrative changes, affecting the organization, financing, and functions of all levels of government, and creating an enabling environment for the rapid socio-economic development of all geographical regions.

Since then, the GOI has been working hard to establish checks and balances among newly created institutions, and to introduce greater responsiveness and accountability in public service delivery.

As part of this, and in the light of the Paris Declaration of 2005 and the country’s development circumstances, the GOI is keen to manage its interactions with the international development community in a way that optimizes development benefits for citizens. The Government’s position on these matters is set out in ‘The Jakarta Commitment’ (August, 2008). Within the field of decentralisation, the DSF is seen as an important manifestation and exemplar of government’s intentions.

The DSF is a government-led and managed multi-donor trust fund whose principal purpose is to support the decentralisation agenda of the GOI, particularly as this pertains to improved service delivery for citizens.

Within the field of decentralisation, the DSF attempts to satisfy its purpose by fulfilling three principal roles, which are designed to help the GOI to:

1. Improve the harmonisation, alignment, and effectiveness of development assistance;
2. Inform and thereby improve policy development and implementation; and
3. Build governance capacity, particularly at sub-national levels.

The DSF is managed by the GOI through a committee structure comprising senior representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Home Affairs, and the National Development Planning Agency, and nine international development partners. The DSF is administered by the WB.

The activities of the DSF are aligned with the decentralisation development objectives of the GOI and with the development priorities set from time to time by the DSF’s Steering Committee.

Duties and Accountabilities
The Consultant(s) will facilitate communication and interaction between DSF staff and GOI counterparts in their design of the DSF work programme, and provide related advice and logistical support to DSF staff.

The work will entail intensive and extensive consultations with GOI counterparts in the three agencies mentioned above, over a three-month period.

The Consultant will participate in weekly DSF meetings and report on progress and issues. In addition, the consultant will produce written monthly status reports and occasional policy briefs within his or her field of expertise.

Reporting to
The Consultant will report to the DSF Program Manager in World Bank Office in Jakarta.

Length of Contract
The Consultant will be on Short Term Consultant (STC) appointment status with maximum of 150 working days in a year. Renewal or status conversion is subject to performance and resource availability.

Selection Criteria

* At least a Master degree in a discipline relevant to local governance and decentralization;
* At least 10 years of experience working on aspects of decentralization and regional autonomy in Indonesia, and also deconcentration and co-administrative tasks;
* Retired Echelon 1 or 2 level of professional experience in Indonesian government institutions combined with thorough understanding of institutional arrangements;
* Evidence of accomplishment in relation to developing and implementing public sector development programs;
* Excellent written and oral communication skills in both English and Bahasa Indonesia.

How to Apply

* This is a local hired position, open for Indonesian nationals only.
* Please only submit your cover letter, CV, and references (at least three names with full contact details) to:
* Do not forget to state your name and position applied in the e-mail subject.
* Deadline of application is 29 December 2008. Late submission will not be considered; hard copy applications and phone inquiries will not be accepted.

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