Coal & Mineral Drilling Bintang Mandiri Perkasa

BMP Drill

A Drilling Contractor in Coal, Mineral, Oil and Gas Industry is currently seeking for qualified candidate as follows:

A. Coal and Mineral Drilling

  1. Drilling Supervisor for Coring/Mud Rotary
  2. Senior Driller for Coring/Mud Rotary/RC
  3. Health & Safety Officer
  4. Mechanic
  5. Welder
  6. Geologist
  7. Geotechnical Engineer
  8. Workshop Supervisor


  • A minimum STM/SMU with 10 years experience in drilling (A1) and 5 years experience (A2)
  • A minimum D3 with 3 years experience, basic Geology has additional point, hold a valid K3 MIGAS & POP certificate (A3)
  • A minimum STM/ Automotive with 5 years experience in rig service, maintenance & hydraulic system (A4)
  • A minimum STM/SMU with 5 years experience & hold valid MIGAS certificate (A6)
  • A minimum S1 Geology with 5 years experience in related subject (A7)
  • A minimum D3 in related subject with 5 years experience in mechanical & fabrications (A8)
  • Domicile JABODETABEK has additional point (4,5,6)

B. Oil and Gas Drilling

  1. Rig Superintendent (AP III)
  2. Toolpusher (APB III)
  3. Driller (JB III)


  • SMU/D3 with 5 years experience in related subject, hold a valid MIGAS certificate (B1-B3).

Please submit your application and CV to:

6 Replies to “Coal & Mineral Drilling Bintang Mandiri Perkasa”

  1. M.Rojak

    Dengan ini saya lampirkan lamaran kerja saya. Besar harapan saya bisa bergabung dan bekerja di perusahaan yang sedang bapak/ibu pimpin.

    Pengalaman kerja. raya enginering, jabatan helper/driller. Soil investigation test. Thn 2002 – 2004 consulindo. Soil investigation test. Thn 2004 – 2005
    Jabatan. Driller drilling ,drilling exploration coal and nickel.
    Jabatan: supervisor. Thn 2005 – 2012 drilling, drilling coal.
    Jabatan : manager. Thn 2012 – 2015 lima warna. Soil investigation test. Jabatan : driller. Thn 2015 – 2017. Widiya, soil investigation and contruction, jabatan : driller. Thn 2015 – 2020

    Demikian surat lamaran ini saya buat. Untuk informasi bisa melalui wa.081291301415

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