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The Government of Indonesia established the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) decree in September 2009. The ICCTF shall be nationally managed, and is part of the Government’s commitment to implement the Jakarta Commitment to enhance national ownership and improve aid coordination in response to climate change. In this framework, the Government and UNDP have jointly established and started to implement the project “Preparatory Arrangement for the Indonesia Climate Change Trust Fund (PREP-ICCTF)”. Under Terms of the signed Letter of Agreement (September 2009), the objectives of the Project shall be to:

  1. Provide support to priority climate change initiatives as prioritized by the Government, during an interim period, while the ICCTF is being established;
  2. Provide support and development for establishment of the ICCTF; and
  3. Support capacity development needs of the Government of Indonesia for the efficient and effective implementation of the ICCTF.

The PREP-ICCTF shall enable the Government to appoint a national trustee, while facilitating ICCTF governance entities including the ICCTF Steering Committee, ICCTF Technical Committee, and ICCTF Secretariat to gradually assume full operational responsibility within the 18 month project period.

The ICCTF Secretariat, which also acts as the PREP-ICCTF Project Management Unit, has been operational since February 2010. The Secretariat has started administering the trust fund operationally and supports the functions of the ICCTF Steering Committee and Technical Committee.

Under the guidance and supervision of the Head of the ICCTF Secretariat and National Project Manager (NPM), the IT Associate will develop and maintain a database management system for day-to-day ICCTF secretariat operation, and also develop the ICCTF intranet and internet as a strategic communication, information sharing and knowledge management tool. Both platforms should be optimized for knowledge transfer and information sharing.

Duties and Responsibilities

Summary of Key Functions:

  • Implementation of IT management systems and strategies
  • Operational support
  • Facilitation of knowledge management process

1. Ensure implementation of IT management system and strategies, focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Develop guidelines for ICCTF information management and technology standards and procedures for ICCTF Secretariat technology environment.
  • Analysis of the requirement and elaboration of internal policies and procedures on the use of IT
  • IT business processes mapping and elaboration/establishment of internal ICCTF Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in IT management, further development of the ICCTF project database.
  • Provision of advice on and assistance in procurement of new IT and office equipment for the ICCTF Secretariat, provision of technical specifications and information on best options
  • Suggestion on ways to improve computer related process or procedures and equipment to enhance effectiveness relevant with PREP-ICCTF policies and budget

2. Provides operational support, focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Development of Information System infrastructure and supporting units (hardware and software) – LAN, WAN, VPN, Mail Server and its peripherals
  • Development of file management system for PREP-ICCTF operation
  • Further develop ICCTF website and conduct regular maintenance and updates
  • Design, develop, and maintain the database management system for PREP-ICCTF projects
  • Correspondence to third-party/vendor for hardware installation, local area network, internet and email connectivity ensuring conditions in the Service Level Agreements are applied properly.
  • Support in IT-related troubleshoot to the ICCTF Secretariat.

3. Ensures facilitation of knowledge management process, focusing on achievement of the following results:

  • Design, development, and maintenance of internet and intranet platform for data exchange, information sharing, and knowledge management tool of PREP-ICCTF and ICCTF Secretariat operation.
  • Consultation with key persons of ICCTF, UNDP, and Bappenas in designing a Knowledge Management System for the PREP-ICCTF
  • Customization of system contents from a user perspective, to ensure optimal interactivity, usability and content retrieval.
  • Support data and information exchange users in technical issues, draft a brief user manual if required, and ensure users gain access to the right information required

Impact of Results
The key results have an impact on the overall efficiency of PREP-ICCTF, including improved business results and client services. Forward-looking IT management has an impact on the organization of office management, knowledge sharing, and information provision.

Recruitment Qualifications


  • Minimum Diploma degree with relevant certifications in hardware and software management and application.
  • University Degree in Computer Science desirable, but it is not a requirement.


  • For Diploma 3: minimum 6 years
  • For Bachelor’s degree: minimum 5 years of relevant working experience, including network administration, management of hardware and software platforms, telecommunications facilities, knowledge of Windows-based packages/applications.

Language Requirements:

  • Fluency in English and national language of the duty station.

Application Deadline: 08-Aug-10

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