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Tiger Energy Trading (TEI) is responsible for all marketing, sales, third party trading; shipping and logistic activities of its holding company, Sakari Resources Limited (SAR). SAR is a Singapore Incorporated Company listed on the SGX with a market capitalization of approximately US S 2.8 billion. SAR operates two coal mines in Kalimantan Indonesia – Sebuku and Jembayan, which produced and sold in excess of 10 million tonnes of thermal coal in 2010. TET is currently looking for a suitably qualified Marketing Manager to join our team in Singapore.


Reporting to the senior marketing manager, the marketing manager is responsible for leading a small back office team with contract administration, execution and sales accounting. The marketing manager is accountable for supporting the senior marketing manager in contract negotiations and administration, preparing documents for tender submission, establishing and maintaining productive relationships with customers and other business departments, reporting and analysis. The marketing manager also provides operational support to the physical sales and shipping desks.

The successful candidate will be Degree Qualified – preferably in a business related discipline: (commerce, marketing, finance, economics) with a minimum f3 years experience in international commodity sales, marketing, shipping logistics. Thermal coal sales and international marketing experience would be well regarded. The successful candidate will display energy, enthusiasm, integrity and diligent attention to detail. They will possess sound computer skills including SAP, Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Excellent English communication skills are essential and a second language in Mandarin, Japanese or Bahasa will assist in communicating with customers and therefore be well regarded.

This role will be based in our Singapore office and some international travel will be required. An attractive remuneration package will be offered for the successful candidate.

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  1. Loy Wei Choo, Joseph

    Curriculum vitae

    Personal particulars

    Name: Loy Wei Choo (Joseph)
    Date of birth: 24-11-1949
    Citizenship: Singaporean and permanent residence of Australia Marital status: Married
    Language: Fluent in written and spoken English
    Fluent in spoken Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkein and Indonesian

    Academic qualification:
    Bachelor of Science major in Geology & Chemistry (University of Malaya) -1975
    Bachelor of Science (honours) major in geology (university of Malaya) – 1976

    Professional and management experience

    1) 1976 – 1987

    a) Geologist with the Singapore government involved in geological survey and publication of the Geology of Singapore for the entire island of Singapore.
    b) Licensing officer to regulate all the sand and granite quarries in Singapore including safety and health and resource management.
    c) Advising government on mineral resources of Singapore like granite, sand and clay.
    d) Seconded to government owned company (RDC) for 3 years (1984 -1986), worked as senior manager to manage the three granite quarries owned by RDC in Singapore, producing 3,600,000 tons of aggregates (worth about 80,000,000 S$) per year.

    2) 1987 – 1988

    a) General manager for Nam Kee Pte Ltd involved in the initial survey, site preparation, planning and setting up of a 300 ton/hour granite crushing plant at Johore, Malaysia. After installation of the plant, managed the production of the quarry and providing overall management including financial planning and reporting to the directors of the company for the 400,000 tons per year production and sale of aggregates from the mine.

    3) 1988 – 1989

    a) General manager for Central Granite Industries Pte Ltd involved in marketing, trading and manufacturing of granite architectural slab.

    4) 1989 – 1991

    a) General manager and partner in Sungei Ringgit Quarry at Penggerang, Malaysia. The works involved in the taking over of a disused quarry plant and mine site, upgraded it to working condition and started production of granite aggregates for sale to Singapore. Production was about 300,000 tons a year. Provided overall management of this quarry involving production, sale and financial control of the quarry. I was also a 33% owner of the quarry.

    5) 1991 -1993

    a) Worked for Trono SPA of Italy as assistant project manager in the planning and feasibility study for a mega Disney land project (estimated investment 8 billion USD) at Penggerang (about 15 km from Changi of Singapore), Malaysia.
    b) Full feasibility study was conducted which included:
    i) Geotechnical exploration of the proposed sites,
    ii) Logistics planning – jetty, road system, electrical and water supplies etc including discussion with the government departments and assess the viability of direct access by sea and tunnel (future) to the site from Singapore,
    iii) Interviewing and negotiation with reputed international companies on sub-contracting of the projects in parts and detailed design of the project and the supporting facilities.
    iv) At the peak of the feasibility study, about 100 engineers were involved in Italy (either directly or as consultant) for the design of the project and the final proposal was submitted to the Malaysian government. The project was not approved by the Malaysian government at the end and the land was given to the Malaysian navy to build a navy base there.

    6) 1993 – 2002 – Worked for Nicor Petroleum Pte Ltd

    a) 1993 to 1995 – Stationed in Beijing as the chief representative of a Singapore company for their Beijing office, involved in the trading of crude petroleum and other petroleum products.
    b) During this time – negotiated and signed a joint venture agreement with a Chinese partner to build a residential (12,000 m2 building) and a Commercial building (17,000 m2 building) in Beijing. These buildings were supervised by the writer and they were completed and sold after completion.
    c) Took over a half completed hotel project at Huangshan, China. Changed the layout and improved the facilities and renovated the building into a 3 star hotel. After that, recruited the people and the hotel was opened for business. This hotel was sold off by the company at a later date.
    d) 1995 – 2002 – Posted back to Singapore and assisted in the trading of oil in Singapore, oversea the management of an oil tanker belonging to the company and initiated and completed a 7 storey residential project in Singapore.

    7) 2002 – 2004

    a) Worked for Samho Construction Pte Ltd as project manager for a Defense Ministry project – main scoop of the project was to conduct controlled blasting according to design, transport the blasted material away from the site, crushed them and sell the finished products. The project was completed on time and had helped the company to catch up some of the lost time caused by the project manager who was engaged before me.

    8) 2004 Mar to Dec 2004

    a) Assisted a Malaysian company as consultant in the survey of 3 prospective iron ore deposit sites, and a manganese deposit in Gua Musang, Malaysia. Geological surveying, trenching and laboratory tests were carried out. The exploration finding indicated insufficient deposits of iron ore for extraction. The manganese deposit was good but the exploitation license could not be obtained.

    9) 2005 Jan till 2009 – working for Pacific Energy and Coal Ltd (retainer
    Basis after Sept. 2007)
    a) Jan – May 2005

    i) Survey of chromite deposits at Pangket, Sulawesi of Indonesia. Conducted geological survey, resistivity tests, and drilling. Based on resistivity and geological survey results, areas did not prove potential for mining.
    ii) Survey of an iron ore deposit at Polmas, Sulkawesi. Polmas. Site originally surveyed by a local senior geologist and 2 senior geologists from the dept. of mines and a senior lecturer. The writer resurveyed this site of 2,000 ha with the help of 12 local geologists including 3 lecturers from a local university. The deposit was found by the writer to be uneconomical to mine.

    b) June 06 to Sept. 2007

    i) Beginning June 2006, involved in the purchase of a second hand 450 ton/hour crushing plant in Malaysia. After re-conditioning, transported the plant together with the generating sets with scrubbers to Belitung, Indonesia in March 2007.
    ii) Supervised the installation of the crushing and washing plant together with the construction of silting and water ponds used for the processing of low grade iron ore. The plant was successfully commissioned in June 2007 and production started in August 2007.
    iii) Beginning August 2007 – prepared the mine plan for the mining of the iron ore and set up quality control procedures for the processing of the iron ore and stockpile management. The plant after installation produced about 60,000 tons of iron ore products per month beginning September 2007. Total of about 1.5 million tons of iron ore were processed and sold through this plant till the resource of the mine was exhausted.
    iv) During May to July 2007, while working as consultant for the iron ore mine in Belitung, I was involved in geological survey of prospective nickel deposit sites in Central Sulawesi and Irian Jaya.

    c) Oct 2007 till now

    i) Involved in survey (include drilling) of 2 potential nickel ore sites in East Halmahera and Central and South East Sulawesi. Conducted survey of about 30 potential nickel ore sites in Sulawesi, Halmahera and Irian Jaya and gave recommendation to a few companies on potential of these sites for further works and development. In 2007, started trading of nickel ore from Irian Jaya, selling the nickel ore to China. In total, sold 18 shipments of nickel ore (about 900,000 tons) from my Indonesian contact to China. My part of the job included finalization of contract, LC, liaison works during loading and servicing the demands from the Chinese buyer.
    ii) In 2008, completed exploration of a 10 iron ores site at Balitung for Pacific Energy and surveyed an iron ore site at Banjamasin for PT Magna Kinarya Persada and manganese site at Celibong, near Tasikmalaya, Java.
    iii) Together with my contact in China, involved in the promotion of sponge iron production plant in Indonesia (the Chinese partner has capability to design, fabricate and installation of sponge iron and steel mill plant) and trading of manganese ore.
    iv) Apart from the survey of nickel ore sites, the writer has surveyed 4 manganese sites in Timor, one in Pekan Baru, to evaluate them for mining (including checking the previous reports) and a few iron ore sites in Aceh, north Sumatra and central Sumatra to determine the potential of these sites for joint venture or mining.
    v) From 2009 till now, acted as consultant to a number of clients in the survey and report on feasibility for mining which include the legality of the licenses etc. Sites surveyed included 2 iron ore sites at Flores, more than 20 iron ore sites at central and west Kalimantan and Sumatra, 5 iron sand sites and more than 10 coal sites to evaluate their potential for joint venture on behalf of the clients. End of 2011, surveyed two potential tin mine areas in Myanmar for a client and identified some good potential of niobium mineral deposit and further works are in progress.
    vi) Currently working on trading of coal, iron sand, iron ore and nickel ore and consultancy works, working with mine owners to help them understand their resource and recommend joint venture partner to the mine owners. In 2012, just completed in brokering the sale of a cargo of coal of 49,000 tons from Indonesia to China providing support services to the seller and liaison with the buyer.

    Main strength

    1) Know the local conditions in Indonesia very well and have good contacts with a number of traders and mine owners in Indonesia. Able to converse in Indonesian and have 7 years of experience in the exploration and surveying of iron ore, nickel and coal sites in Indonesia (the writer has been spending 70% of his past 7 years total time in Indonesia).
    2) Have good contacts in China due to the sale of the nickel ore, manganese ore (small quantity) and coal from Indonesia to China and able to help seller to negotiate contract terms with the buyer and help in the physical trading of their minerals.
    3) Fluent in Chinese and able to negotiate sale and purchase agreement with the Chinese buyers and understand the difficulties in trading with Chinese companies as the writer has worked 3 years in China as chief representative of a Singapore oil trading company stationed in Beijing.
    4) Understand the geology and the way that coal is mined in Indonesia and the various steps and checks required to ensure quality control of coal from mining to transportation, stocking and loading onto vessel.
    5) I hold a degree in Chemistry and have worked as a chemist for Henkel Chemicals in Singapore for 3 months before joining the government of government of Singapore as a geologist. My chemistry background gives me an advantage when comes to quality control of coal mined from the mine site and control in laboratory testing.

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