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Organizational Development Specialist

The ASEAN Secretariat invites applications for the position of Organizational Development Specialist under the ASEAN Secretariat Corporate Affairs Directorate.

The Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) was formed in 1967 with five Member States but has gradually expanded and now consists of ten. The entry into force of the ASEAN Charter in December 2008 signified ASEAN’s movement from a loosely structured association to a rules-based organization complete with clearly-defined goals and objectives. In 2003 ASEAN committed itself to the achievement of an ASEAN Community in 2020 comprising the three pillars of Political-Security, Economic and Socio-Cultural. This date has subsequently been accelerated to 2015. Comprehensive Blueprints for each of the Communities have been developed to guide efforts towards the achievement of the ASEAN Community.

The entry into force of the ASEAN Charter in 2008 has had a profound effect on the roles and operations of the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC). As the 2015 target date for the achievement of the ASEAN Community approaches, the number and range of activities to be undertaken will increase and intensify. This in turn will place increased demands on the nature of ASEC’s support.

The ASEAN-Australia Development Cooperation Program II (AADCP II) is providing support to develop the corporate capacity of the ASEAN Secretariat in order to ensure that it is best positioned to carry out its duties as outlined in the ASEAN Charter and by Member States.

AADCP II will support a soon-to-be implemented Corporate Development Scoping Study that is expected to identify organizational development needs and propose a series of follow-up activities. As part of the support, funding has been provided for a long-term organizational development specialist to assist ASEC to develop and implement corporate development activities.

Broad Statement of Function
In general terms, the Organizational Development Specialist will be responsible for developing and managing a long-term organizational development program within ASEC.

More specifically, he/she will be responsible for:

  • Translating ASEC’s vision, mission and objectives into identified organizational development needs and an overall organizational development multi-year programme;
  • Preparing strategic and operational workplans for ASEC organization development activities and programs in line with the requirements of the ASEAN Charter;
  • Ensuring the effective and efficient identification, design, appraisal, approval and implementation of ASEC organization development ‘projects’ that reflect the overall program and workplans;
  • Ensuring effective coordination and collaboration with key ASEAN bodies, ASEC Departments and other stakeholders including dialogue partners;
  • Supporting information dissemination, communication and reporting relating to organization development and related areas;
  • Managing and supervising overall and day to day operational activities related to corporate development;
  • Conducting performance measurement and capacity building/training activities to ensure continuing professional development.

Primary Responsibilities
Within the framework outlined above, the Organizational Development Specialist will:

Develop an overall multi-year organizational development programme for ASEC:

  1. Identify and assess overall ASEC organizational development needs;
  2. Evaluate on-going initiatives to determine the appropriate organizational effectiveness interventions required to meet organizational goals
  3. Develop a vision, mission and strategic approach for ASEC’s organization development activities;
  4. Monitor global and regional developments in organizational development and identify approaches appropriate to ASEC;
  5. Assess implications of global and regional developments with respect to priority organization development needs of ASEC;
  6. Review ongoing programs;
  7. Prepare and update on a regular basis an overall multi-year organizational development program for ASEC.

Identify, design and implement ASEC organization development programs and projects:

  1. Develop and align performance management program with key organizational goals;
  2. Identify specific annual priorities for ASEC organization development;
  3. Identify potential resources to support organizational development including dialogue partners;
  4. Develop an annual organizational development workplan and budget;
  5. Undertake, facilitate and/or support the preparation and design of -ASEC organization development programs and projects;
  6. Ensure ASEC organization development proposals are appropriately appraised (for quality of design, management and financing arrangements) prior to implementation;
  7. Mobilise the required resources to implement ASEC organization development programs/projects, including tendering and contracting out of services where required;
  8. Provide ongoing oversight/management of ASEC organization development program/project implementation;
  9. Ensure outputs/products of ASEC organization development programmes/projects meet quality assurance standards;
  10. Ensure results of ASEC organization development work are appropriately presented and disseminated to users of the information;
  11. Monitor and evaluate, on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness of ASEC organization development programmes/projects;
  12. Identify best practices and developments within the learning and development field, and adopt best approaches as appropriate.

Ensure effective coordination and collaboration with key ASEAN bodies, ASEC
Departments and other stakeholders including dialogue partners:

  1. Liaise with relevant ASEAN bodies on ASEC organization development including the
  2. Committee of Permanent Representatives;
  3. Serve as resource person in meetings with ASEAN bodies in the area of ASEC organization development.
  4. Monitor ongoing activities;
  5. Review dialogue partner workplans to ensure coordination regarding organizational development.

Ensure effective information dissemination, communication and reporting:

  1. Maintain appropriate electronic and hard copy records of all ASEC organization development projects;
  2. Ensure this information is readily available and accessible to ASEAN members and, as appropriate, dialogue partners and other stakeholders through appropriate media, including web-based;
  3. Prepare and provide summary reports of results regarding ASEC organizational development achievement and issues for ASEAN bodies;
  4. Organise and/or facilitate workshops/seminars and other appropriate events to support information dissemination; issues/constraints arising, and any management action required to support effective implementation of the work program;
  5. Ensure dialogue partner information requirements are met.

Manage and supervise overall and day to day operational activities of the organizational development unit:

  1. Supervise ongoing activities;
  2. Identify staffing needs, recruit staff as necessary and provide supervision;
  3. Develop annual budget.

Conduct performance management and support professional development activities:

  • Supervise and conduct performance appraisal for subordinates to ensure their continuing professional development;
  • Conduct performance coaching and counselling to facilitate the subordinates in achieving optimum performance; Identify and create a professional or leadership development program to ensure all leaders and potential leaders have the necessary skills to succeed;
  • Identify and create a professional or leadership development program;
  • Facilitate the implementation of organizational effectiveness intervention programs;
  • Facilitate team building workshops, exercises, or programs to enhance the cohesiveness of teams;
  • Design and develop methodologies for training delivery;
  • Assess and validate quality and effectiveness of training programs;

Perform other duties relevant to ASEC organization development.


  • Overall organizational development strategy and program;
  • Annual workplan and budget;
  • Specific organizational development programs and projects;
  • Progress and performance reports for ASEAN/ASEC bodies and dialogue partners;
  • Professional development training programs.

Working Relationships


  • Committee of Permanent Representative to ASEAN (CPR).
  • Other relevant ASEAN Bodies dealing with ASEC organization development issues.

The Organizational Development Specialist will report to the Director, Corporate Affairs Directorate, Community and Corporate Affairs Department.

Minimum Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • At least a master’s degree in Management, HRM, Institutional Development or related field, and/or Business Administration.
  • At least ten years of professional experience with proven track record and exposure in government, private sectors and/or international organisation in the areas of learning and development or organization development.
  • Experience in dealing with a wide spectrum of organization development issues, particularly in the context of international/regional organisations such as ASEC or related inter-governmental bodies.
  • Proven track record in developing and managing organization development work in government, the private sector and/or international organisations.

Competency Profile

Technical and managerial

  • High-level analytical skills.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of concepts and issues relating to ASEAN organisation, ASEAN policies and ASEAN institutional framework.
  • Programme and project management skills, including in formulation/design, appraisal, management and reporting on project and programme activities.
  • Institutional strengthening, capacity building and training skills
  • HRM, financial and contract management skills.
  • High-level computing skills, including use of Microsoft Office applications, and ability to produce clear and concise reports.
  • Excellent written and communication skills in English.
  • High-level consultation, facilitation and negotiation skills.
  • Strategic planning and personnel management skills.
  • Good presentation skills.

Personal Attributes

  • Integrity: strongly possess and demonstrate the capability to maintain and promote social, ethical and organisational norms and values in conducting internal and external activities.
  • Decisiveness: possess and demonstrate the capability to make timely decisions, render judgement and take action when appropriate.
  • Creative and innovative: possess and demonstrate the capability to generate creative solutions to work situations; try different and novel ways to deal with organisational problems and opportunities.

Requirements of the Position

  • Work within the core values of the ASEAN Secretariat.
  • Follow the ISO 9001 : 2000 compliance.
  • Candidate must be an ASEAN National
  • Ability to travel

Successful candidate will be offered the post with a probation period of six months and monthly salary commensurate with his/her personal qualifications and negotiable starting from USD 4,000. There are other applicable benefits which include housing, medical, education of dependent children, gratuity, and annual performance bonus. Upon completion of the probationary period, the candidate will be confirmed for a two-year contract, inclusive of the six-month probationary period, in the first instance.

How to Apply
Send your application highlighting your suitability and potential contribution to the position together with detailed CV, including a recent passport-sized photograph and certified true copies of educational certificates obtained, to the AADCP II Personnel Unit, ASEAN Secretariat, 70A Jalan Sisingamangaraja, Jakarta 12110 or email to:

Please indicate on the subject heading: Application for Organizational Development Specialist.
Application papers should reach the ASEAN Secretariat by 23 August 2010.
The Selection Committee’s decision is final and only short-listed candidates will be notified.

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