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Schlumberger is a company of leading technology groups providing a range of specialized services and products to the oil industry worldwide. We urgently need for the position of:

Petro Technical Services – Access

Access is a 36 month program which combines both field engineering and petrotechnical engineering. If selected, you will start in one of our business segments, working as field engineer for 18 months. You will then move to our Petro Technical Services segment to complete the training. Throughout the program, you will be exposed to Schlumberger technologies and mentored by a domain champion or a senior petrotechnical expert. The unique combination of field and office training will give you an invaluable range of job experiences, enabling you to develop into a petrotechnical expert in your domain of interest.


  • Dynamic women and men with 0- 4 years of working experience
  • MSc (S2) degree graduate from Petroleum or Geological Engineering with previous bachelor degree (S1) from petroleum, geology, or geophysical engineering
  • Good English communication skills
  • Interest in developing a petro technical career

Interested candidates should apply before 10-Aug-2014 to
Please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the website and choose Students and Recent Graduates Tab
  2. Choose Geoscience and Petrotechnical then choose the discipline
  3. Create a candidate account and apply for the petro technical job as a fresh graduate

Selected candidates will be invited to the screening session through e-mail.

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