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To support our rapid growth business in Indonesia, now we are looking for several positions:

Project Manager


  • Manages execution of Category A and B projects primarily.
  • For each project the PM manages the execution from the receipt of order up to the project closing including the guarantee period. He must strictly comply with the project execution process (OFP, Order Fulfillment process).
  • Assess and manage risks to meet customer satisfaction and project profitability
  • Contributes strongly to the PM community


  • The PM built the project organization taking account all the aspects of the project Size, Customer, Scope, Contractual and legal obligations, Technical difficulties, Specific Requirements, site work activities etc …He defines the mission of each team member
  • He is responsible to define the workload plan for the project, and then ask to the leaders of the project execution center (PEC) to appoint the specialists corresponding to the needs.
  • During the whole project execution the PM ensures the functional management of the team, he defines the objectives dedicated to each member. The hierarchical management of the specialists appointed for the project remains the responsibility of PEC activities leaders

Project execution management:

  • He is responsible of the good execution of the project, He globally guarantees the compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract
  • He planes all the necessary project meetings needed to supervise and control his project
  • When required he arbitrates in his field of responsibility.
  • The PM must have a global overview of the project and be able to focus on any particular subject or issue in each function of the project. In case of major issue, he must raise the problem during the PSC or project follow-up (for financial issues).

Project scheduling:
The PM is responsible of project schedule construction and updating. A planer can be appointed if necessary according to the size of the project. Each team member contributes to the schedule construction and updating. All the meetings related to the project follow-up are scheduled and animated by the PM.

Invoicing and receivables:
The PM executes the project invoicing according to the contractual invoicing plan and Schneider internal rules. He is responsible for the regular invoicing plan updating. He is responsible of receivables recovery .He drives, in cooperation with Schneider dedicated organization, all the appropriate actions to recover the receivables

Customer relationship:
The PM defines the customer policy which will strictly be applied by all team members during project execution. He maintains permanently an efficient customer relationship and manages a pro-active, recurrent and positive customer communication. According to the customer policy defined for the project, he produces the customer progress report and evaluates the satisfaction level of the customer. If needed, he takes appropriate actions to improve the satisfaction of the client.

The PM performs the project reporting according PEC rules. These rules can be personalized to the specificity of the project, if needed. This is then taken in account and reflected in the project management plan.


  • Master or Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering or Technology Diploma (CET preferred).
  • Certification in Project Management (PMP required)
  • Medium size projects >5M€. Medium complexity, category B Projects with regional content and multi country sourcing in a single region for engineering and delivery of equipment and services
  • Extended exposure to at least one sub-segment (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream) of the O&G value chain through supply of equipment and services, projects and solutions. More than 5 years experience in that sub segment or those sub-segments.
  • Multi- domain projects, electrical/automation/telecom/mechanical/civil works. Variety of geographies for third party and suppliers. Sourcing of services/equipment international. Documentation and email exchanges in not necessarily native language. Project management and delivery at different location.
  • Excellent English written & oral.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and quoting POSITION / JOB TITLE in email subject to: or in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb, not later than 30 May 2014.


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