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ProVices Indonesia

Challenging Your Career

ProVices Indonesia

An accelerating growth Property Services Company is looking for youth, dynamic and Innovative candidates to he part of our winning team on the upcoming project

  1. GM Business Development & Marketing (GBM)
  2. Business Development Manager (BDM)
  3. Research & Analysis (RSA)
  4. Marketing & Promotion (MKP)
  5. Public Relation (PR)
  6. Sales (SLS)
  7. Secretary (SEC)
  8. Finance Controller (FC)
  9. Assistance Manager Finance (AMF)
  10. Assistant Manager Accounting (AMA)
  11. Chief finance & Accounting (CFA)
  12. SPV Accounting (SVA)
  13. General Manager (GM)
  14. Facility Manager (FM)
  15. Property Manager (ETM)
  16. Engineering Manager (ENM)
  17. Chief Engineering (CEN)
  18. Technician (TEC)
  19. Chief GA (CGA)
  20. HSES Manager (HSE)
  21. Parking Manager (PKM)
  22. Fit Out Coordinator (FOC)
  23. Tenancy Relation (TP)
  24. Supervisor Housekeeping (SHK)
  25. SPV Human Resources (SHR)
  26. Assistant Legal Manager (ALM)
  27. Training & Development Coordinator (TDC)
  28. Staff Admin (ADM)

General Qualification
All candidates should have good interpersonal skills, minimum S1 with 5 years experience in related industry, maximum 40 years old (Management Level), D3, with 3 years experience, maximum 32 years old (SPV & Chief level), D1 and maximum 25 years old (staff level)

Please submit your application, CV & photograph before June 28, 2010 to:

Please note the position code on your email subject with maximum 10MB, only qualified candidates will be notified.

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