Sr Technical Specialist (Decentralization) World Bank

Sr. Technical Specialist (Decentralization)
Closing Date: 10-Nov-2009

Responsibilities of the position will include, but not be restricted to, those set out below. The consultant may be required to undertake other activities from time-to-time that are not specified below – at the direction of the Program Manager of the DSF Executive.

  • Assist with activity development and design, including the drafting in close collaboration with government of activity concept notes
  • Contribute to quality control in relation to procurement of consultants & implementing agencies for both recipient and Bank executed activities
  • Assist with the management of activities – performance, reporting, feedback, risks, and problems
  • Undertake personal professional development in the field of decentralization, including the development of a political economy perspective of portfolio activities & the develop ability to apply this pragmatically to portfolio management
  • Contribute to external liaison within the realm of the portfolio(s) or more broadly as determined by the Program Manager
  • Maintain effective and harmonious internal communication with colleagues within the DSF and the Bank more generally.

Institutional and Physical Location
The appointee will be a member of the professional staff of the DSF Executive and will work from its offices located in the Indonesia Stock Exchange Building, Tower 1, Jakarta 12190.

Applicants should possess:

  • A Master degree in development studies or a related discipline or a good first degree combined with other evidence of significant accomplishment;
  • At least 8 years experience involving assistance with the design, development and management of programs concerned with questions of decentralization (particularly administrative decentralization) or civil service reform more generally or related experience that demonstrates high potential for this type of work;
  • Strong analytical capability combined with clarity of thought and expression;
  • Good interpersonal and cross-cultural skills; and
  • Excellent English written and oral communication skills.

Desirable attributes include:

  • Experience of working with multi-lateral and bi-lateral donor institutions;
  • Recent experience of working with government central ministries on civil service reform (particularly service delivery) and/or project management and/or procurement;
  • Experience of multi-agency and multi-stakeholder team working; and
  • Understanding of issues surrounding aid effectiveness.

Reporting and Authority
The consultant will be accountable to the Program Manager of the DSF and/or delegate.  The position will enjoy delegated authority commensurate with the levels of responsibility outlined above.

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