17 Positions BJ Consultant


Our client, big COAL MINING Company, invites candidates:

  1. Electrical Personnel (EP)
  2. Electrical Engineer (EE)
  3. Qualified Welders (QW)
  4. Millrite Fitters (MF)
  5. Senior Store Keeper (SSK)
  6. Assistant Store Keeper (ASK)
  7. Holder Operator (HO)
  8. Steno (ST)
  9. Benchworker/Rigger (B/R)
  10. Civil Engineer (CE)
  11. Civil Supervisor (CS)
  12. Personnel Executive (PE)
  13. Personnel Manager (PM)
  14. Logistic Manager (LM)
  15. Surveyor (SV)
  16. Mechanical Manager (MM)
  17. Mechanical General Manager (MGM)

All Positions Fluent in English, Ready to be stationed at Pulau Bunyu – East Kalimantan


  • Diploma in Engineering (any major) for 1,3,4,7,9
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering for 16,17
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering for 2
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering for 10, 11
  • Relevant Education Background for 5,6,8,12,13,14,15


  • < 5 years in similar industry 1,6,7,9,12,15
  • 5-7 years in similar industry: 2,3,5,8,10,13
  • 7-10 years in similar industry: 4,11,14,16
  • > 15 years in similar industry: 17

Applicants should mention code of positions applied and must be sent before May 17, 2009 to:

BAHTERA JIWA H.R. & Psychology Consultant
JI. Manggarai Utara V/D-14; Jakarta Selatan -12850
or e-mail: lamaran@bahterajiwa.com; bahterajiwa@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.bj-consultant.com

4 Replies to “17 Positions BJ Consultant”

  1. Gumbiratno

    Dear sir,
    I’m is a civil engineering graduates are very interested to find a job, but no one company is already receiving the age of 51 years, when Mr. would still provide an opportunity for me please I’m happy to be contacted. Gumbiratno in 081326460743

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