Aviation Software Developer Flight Focus Pte Ltd

Flight Focus Pte Ltd is a Singapore based technology and systems engineering company specializing in the design, development and production of high-quality equipment for airborne and simulator use. Our Commitment is to produce specialist avionics equipment that contributes directly to mission success, and delivers direct and tangible business benefits our commercial customers.

Aviation Software Developer

Reports To: Team Leader Software Development

Job Summary / Overall purpose: Evaluate, develop and guided designing of complex customer satisfying applications and functions for the aviation industry in coordination with the company strategy

Essential Responsibilities: To develop state of art software application which align with the customer requirement and to ensure that the deliveries are in high quality level according to the industry standard.

Main Duties:
* Evaluation, develop, testing and documentation of:
o Applications
o Front End, Middle tier and Backend Software
o modules
o Interfaces
* Exposure to test driven development
* Conduct code reviews

* Hold University Degree in Computer Science
* Experience:

o At least 3 years of design/development experience
o Very familiar with C/C++ programming, experiences with other object oriented languages are advantageous
o Knowledge in state of art software development technology
o Knowledge of internet application design as well as Host application design
o Familiar with data base systems
o Knowledge of programming under UNIX
o UML & XML Knowledge and Experience
o Experience in source code versioning as well as Java and Documentation are added bonus

Personal Skills:
* Ability to develop and evaluate applications and functions
* Ability to deliver permanent high quality work under time pressure
* Reliable
* Flexible
* Ability to work in teams
– Excellent Knowledge of all job-specific and essential tools and programs
– Good written and verbally Knowledge of the English language
– Applicants should be Indonesian citizens or hold relevant residence status.

Please send your CV to: recruitment@flightfocus.net

Expire date: 9 October 2008

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