Experienced Security Staff Only US Embassy in Jakarta

US Embassy in Jakarta


An International organization in Jakarta has vacancies for 10 (ten) temporary awards for a construction project The Contract will be until the project It completed or August.

OBO Guards: High School Diploma, 1 year Security Experience is required, Level I English, Level 3 in Bahasa Indonesia. Knowledge of physical security systems, deterrents and radio communication, ability to follow orders, alert and reliable Ability to tale treat and derisive action during emergency intuitions

Send application via email to:  JKTrecruitment@state.gov

2 Replies to “Experienced Security Staff Only US Embassy in Jakarta”

  1. Mr.Thomos.T.Sinalong

    To : HRD
    Us Ambassy

    With respect,
    I the undersigned below;
    Name : Thomos Sinalong
    Age : 30th
    Address : JL. caringin No. 2 rt 02/04 sawangan, depok
    No phone : 087877548335
    I intend to try entering my cv or application in the company of the sir/madam of lead as staff security safety. And I am ready to work in shifts. As for consideration as the sir/madam of mine, I also experienced staff in the field of security;
    1. Never work at PT. wahana wiragarda alert, stationed at the Jakarta international School Patimura, South jakarta.
    2. had worked in Ramayana Tbk. R52 Balikpapan. East kalimantan.
    3. Never work at BHC batakan houseing Complex. East kalimantan
    4. had worked in Self-contained Braga Sentosa, stationed at IAF PT. Multifinance. South jakarta.
    As for the completeness of the data and the application procedure for test requirements, I will include along with my cv. If the desired/It needs. If my description is a consideration of Sir/Madam to me. Don’t forget I say many thanks.
    I Respect,

    applicants: Thomos Sinalong

    Jln. Caringin no 2 rt 002/ 04 sawangan depok
    E-mail : Thomos_sinalong@yahoo.com

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