Policy Advisor GRM International

GRM International


An Australian Government initiative, the Poverty Reduction Support Facility (PRSF), is seeking highly qualified candidates to fill in the following positions:

  • Government to Person (G2P) Payment Specialist
  • Policy Advisor

Full TOR for the positions is available at www.grminternational.com under “JOB OPPORTUNITIES” while detailed information about our project is available at www.tnp2k.go.id.Please Submit CV and GRM Job Application form to: recruitment@prsf.or.id no later than 24 January 2014. E-mail size must not be more than 250kb. (Please indicate in he email subject: “…(name of position)…. – …(your name)…”)

Only qualified candidates will be shortlisted

PRSF is managed by GRM International on behalf of The Australian Government

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